population health HIMSS Analytics
By Bill Siwicki 01:27 pm September 29, 2016
Healthcare organizations are using electronic health records, patient portals, patient engagement systems and telemedicine tech to boost specific styles of population health initiatives, HIMSS Analytics said.
Direct messaging Nemours
By Mike Miliard 01:12 pm September 29, 2016
Nemours shares lessons from its success using the Direct protocol, including a look at common message types. The takeaway: this still-underused method of health data exchange has considerable potential.
National Health IT Week 2016

Geeta Nayyar, MD of Femwell Group Health and Tamara StClaire of Xerox. 

By Bernie Monegain 11:13 am September 29, 2016
Experts discuss gender disparities, the need for transparency and the promise of better collaboration among women in HIT.Twitter chat offers some good advice regarding gender disparities in health IT.
HHS medical bill

RadNet won for the easiest bill to understand, with one HHS says is "as concise as possible."

By Mike Miliard 10:52 am September 29, 2016
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, choosing from more than 80 submissions, has awarded two prizes for new designs of the medical bill.

Melinda Gates is expanding her philanthropy work with a new initiative to bring more women around the world into technology careers.

By Bernie Monegain 05:48 am September 29, 2016
Philanthropist Melinda Gates is launching a new initiative aimed at bringing more women into technology.
Aetna Apple Watch
By 04:43 pm September 28, 2016
The health insurer also said it will integrate Apple’s device with its own care management and wellness tools, and arm 50,000 of its own employees with Apple’s device. 
HHS health data flow
By Bill Siwicki 01:58 pm September 28, 2016
Seven organizations will split the funds in multiple efforts to use health IT for projects ranging from a patient-centered data model to interoperable, bi-directional behavioral health data exchange.
By Jessica Davis 12:25 pm September 28, 2016
In response to the Zika outbreak, University of Arizona's College of Public health researchers and the UA Bio Computing Facility have released a crowd-sourcing mobile app to track the disease and help detect outbreaks.
IBM DataWorks Watson cloud

Credit: IBM

By Bernie Monegain 11:15 am September 28, 2016
Watson-based supercomputing cloud service integrates various data types and applies artificial intelligence to decision making.
CMS ICD-10 grace period
By Carl Natale 09:59 am September 28, 2016
The agency posted answers to pressing questions for coders and hospitals to consider when the year of flexibility end on Oct. 1, 2016. 

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