Sue Murphy, RN, chief experience and innovation officer, patient experience and engagement program, at The University of Chicago Medicine: "One thing we do in keeping senior leaders involved is send information to them in a very data-driven, date-based fashion, so they know they will see certain patient experience outcomes metrics, for example, between the 15th and the 18th of every month."

By Bill Siwicki 12:58 pm August 24, 2016
The University of Chicago Medicine has achieved stakeholder buy-in and engaged patients, providing patients with a great experience while meeting the demands of a value-based system.
By Jessica Davis 10:44 am August 24, 2016
The wireless networks of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have "significant" vulnerabilities, according to penetration tests administered by the Office of Inspector General.

Michael Dulin, MD, director of the academy for population health innovation at the University of North Carolina

By Bill Siwicki 09:42 am August 24, 2016
How should population health look and work? There's a five-step process to getting there, said Michael Dulin, MD, director of the academy for population health innovation at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Steven Posnack, director of ONC's Office of Standards and Technology

By Mike Miliard 04:28 pm August 23, 2016
The catalog of standards and implementation specs for data exchange is evolving away from a static PDF and toward an interactive, wiki-style platform.

Joy Grosser will step up as CIO of University Hospitals in Cleveland on Septrember 12.


By Bernie Monegain 02:28 pm August 23, 2016
In addition to IT experience in large healthcare systems, Grosser brings strategic strengths to the job.

RADAR received $6.2 million of Series A funding and has doubled its average contract value and monthly recurring revenue.

By Jessica Davis 11:10 am August 23, 2016
The launch is a response to the increase in cybersecurity attacks and a need for incident response management, the vendor says.

"Far too often individuals and the people who care for them are stymied by the onerous task of accessing their health data," said Jitin Asnaani, executive director of CommonWell Health Alliance. "CommonWell and its members are dedicated to helping break down the barriers that make it difficult for patients to access that information."

By Mike Miliard 10:57 am August 23, 2016
Cerner, athenahealth and other members of the EHR interoperability organization say members can soon self-enroll in the CommonWell network via their portals.

Hospitals’ interest in a more open approach to medical errors has been fueled by studies showing that patients want to know when an adverse event has occurred and doctors suffer from anxiety when there are restrictions and concerns about what they are allowed to discuss.

By Kaiser Health News 10:37 am August 23, 2016
Many hospitals are beginning to consider a change in how they handle medical errors. Instead of the "deny-and-defend" approach, they are revamping their policies to be more open.

Serial entrepreneur Anil Sethi has sold Gliimpse, a personal health record platform, to Apple for an undisclosed amount.

By Bernie Monegain 10:20 am August 23, 2016
‘It’s time to invite the patient to be at the center of their data.’
By Bernie Monegain 09:10 am August 23, 2016
Event to honor judges for 1st Annual Most Influential Women in Health IT Awards.

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