Humber NHS extends Lorenzo EHR

By Jamie Thompson
03:09 PM

Humber NHS Foundation Trust has extended the functionality of its Lorenzo electronic patient record, less than five months after the Trust became the first mental health organization to use the system.

The trust has been working to optimize the system and is planning and testing additional functionality to provide enhanced access to patient data for more than 600 staff across 55 different sites, officials say.

“We hit scope, we hit timescales and we hit budget, and there are very, very few projects in the NHS that can say that they have achieved that, so now we are looking to move things forward,” said Lee Rickles, head of innovation at Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

“We know that the success of this implementation was largely dependent on the people involved, the clinical buy-in and the demand for a system that enables the organization to operate far more seamlessly. We are meeting with each service area, looking at how they use Lorenzo and how it can be enhanced to support our staff and patients even further,” said Rickles.

Lorenzo gives users access to real-time information securely from a single source anywhere, anytime. By adding modules such as electronic care plans, the Trust will be able to define its own care plans and templates to reduce duplication, improve organization and speed up processes.

In future, the organization will also look to implement Lorenzo e-prescribing and advanced bed management.
“Every implementation has its challenges but Lorenzo has been through a huge development cycle and it is one of, if not the only, system that has been built in partnership with the NHS,” said Rickles.