HIMSS Travel Services

By Healthcare IT News
09:02 AM

Air Travel Information

Did you know HIMSS offers travel services?

The benefits to using these include:

•    Discounts of up to 9% from participating airlines, available only through HIMSS
•    Post-ticketing fare monitoring and reduction if possible with a lower fare
•    On-site travel desk at conference for assistance, return flight check-in and boarding passes
•    Day-of-travel flight monitoring and proactive assistance if needed
•    Lower ticketing fees than other travel sites
          o $10 per ticket on-line
          o $20 per ticket by phone
•    Search/book fares and flights on all carriers, including low-fare niche airlines and “web-only" fares
•    Frequent flyer miles credited for all flights including Southwest Rapid Rewards

Book online at www.himsstvl.com or call (877) 408-4522 (8:30 am – 5:30 pm CST, Monday–Friday).

Car Rental Service

And if you need to rent a car, HIMSS is proud to announce its partnership with the following rental car companies:


    Phone No.: (800) 331-1600
    Phone Code (please mention when calling) : AWD # J095830

    Phone No.: (800) 593-0505
    Phone Code (please mention when calling) :  Discount #15C3635 / pin HIM

    Phone No.: (800) 654-2240
    Phone Code (please mention when calling) : CV #04VZ0001