HIMSS proposes health IT language for national party platforms

By Diana Manos
10:27 AM

The Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS) has proposed language for inclusion in the Democratic and Republican National Committee party platforms to support the transformation of healthcare in America through information technology.

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“Health information technology (IT) is an essential, foundational element of any meaningful effort to transform our nation’s healthcare delivery system,” said H. Stephen Lieber, HIMSS president and CEO. “While our nation is engaged in a long-term debate over how to restructure our healthcare system, there continues to be widespread, bipartisan support for efforts to move away from a delivery and payment system that rewards volume, toward a system that rewards efficiency and quality outcomes, in part by enabling providers and patients to access the right information at the right time through robust nationwide adoption of health IT.”

HIMSS has long brought attention to the value of health IT as an established national investment that improves clinical management, eliminates redundant diagnostic tests, reduces medical errors and re-hospitalizations, enhances continuity of care, and reduces fraud, waste, and abuse, leading to a significant return on investment and quality improvements for the country, HIMSS officials note.

To ensure that health IT continues to improve healthcare and achieve superior efficiency, quality, and outcomes of care, HIMSS has proposed the following language for inclusion in the Democratic and Republican national party platforms for 2012, documents that will define each party’s principles for the next four years:

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“In order to improve the quality of healthcare for all Americans while reducing costs, the Party will continue its strong support for the rapid, nationwide adoption of Health Information Technology including electronic health records and secure health information exchange capabilities.”

HIMSS officials said they will continue to work with Congress to expand bipartisan leadership and support for system-wide adoption of private and secure health IT systems, which will pave the way to healthcare transformation through enhanced quality of patient care across the nation.


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