Frost & Sullivan spotlights top opportunities for telehealth growth

A report from Frost & Sullivan finds that telehealth – whether it's remote patient monitoring, mHealth or video telemedicine – is a confusing jumble, with many practical hurdles ahead. But it's also one of the most exciting and potentially transformative phenomena in healthcare.

Frost & Sullivan’s study, "Analysis of the North American Telehealth Industry," spotlights opportunities in telehealth, gauging market sizes and forecasting key trends, ranking the top sectors poised for growth.

Telehealth is an odd and varied beast. Essentially the deployment of advanced communication technologies to provide care and health services at a distance, the term nonetheless encompasses an array of services. "Some of these activities have been going on for 50 years, while some have emerged from nothing to major markets in the last five years," the report points out.

Despite some confusion over the role it should play in healthcare – and some stumbling blocks to longterm growth and sustainability, having to do with everything from technology issue to business model and reimbursement concerns – telehealth is well-suited to help address the "shortfalls present in each step of the current healthcare experience, whether it is getting to see the right specialist at the appropriate time, or making sure a patient properly manages their medications."

Frost & Sullivan ranked the the top 20 healthcare market segments, based on criteria such as current revenue opportunity, potential for short-term growth (over the next five years), long-term growth (beyond 10 years), potential to improve healthcare by transforming care delivery and the stability of their business models.

The top five areas for telehealth growth: