Doc community stalks Influenza online

Sermo, Inc., an online physician community, is investigating the ability of 100,000 physicians to track and potentially prevent infectious diseases.

Participating physicians will use technology from Sermo called Sermo FluMonitor to collect and aggregate clinical observations across the country.

Cambridge, Mass.-based Sermo provides U.S. licensed physicians with a free memberships to its community. Adam Sharp, an emergency physician and chief medical officer of Sermo, says its membership is currently more than 100,000.

The Sermo FluMonitor will allow physicians to report geographically-based clinical observations in real time. 

“This endeavor has the potential to be an extremely useful resource in tracking disease and saving lives,” says Sharp. “Sermo’s unique online community already brings physicians together to report bedside data and exchange clinical insights. Until now, this type of tracking mechanism was simply not possible.”

Physicians can monetize their Sermo experience by providing their expertise as a resource for financial services firms, healthcare institutions and government agencies.

The 120 physicians who are participating in the FluMonitor tracking will be paid a nominal fee for their participation, says Sharp.


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