CAIS 2012 key gathering for training in health IT

From August 29th to 31st at the Faculty of Information Technology of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, the new edition of the Argentine Health Information Technology Congress (CAIS) was held for the third consecutive year as part of the Argentine Information Technology Events program (JAIIO) organized by SADIO.

CAIS was once again organized by a union of associations that promote the development of ITC in healthcare in Argentina: the Asociación Argentina de Informática Médica (Argentine Medical Information Technology Association, AAIM), the Comité de Informática Médica de la Asociación Médica Argentina (Medical Information Technology Committee of the Argentine Medical Association, AMA), the Grupo de Informática Biomédica de Buenos Aires (Biomedical Information Technology Group of Buenos Aires, GIBBA), the HL7 Argentina Association, the Sociedad Argentina de Bioingeniería (Argentine Bioengineering Society, SABI) and the la Sociedad Argentina de Informática (Argentine Information Technology Society, SADIO) .

First steps in good company

Throughout the three days and in spite of the fact that the number of visitors was underwhelming – around 140 – there was clear set of attendees who support the event. It was also shown once more that CAIS is a valuable and necessary initiative for anyone interested in learning and finding out more about medical information technology, especially students seeking a future in a promising field and healthcare and information technology professionals looking to expand their skills into the application of ITCs to improve the quality of their work.    

At the opening ceremony, on Wednesday 29th of August, the chairs of the new event, Javier Martín Solá (a director of HL7 Argentina) and Sandra de la Fuente (Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile) welcomed all the participants. With regard to the event’s objective, De la Fuente stated: “The main issue is to build connections between all those involved in the health sector,” referring to the many doctors, technicians, developers, students and businesspeople who were present at the congress. “We want to achieve integration to accompany the major progress that has been made in the ITC area and to create a space for the exchange of knowledge, experience and opinions, for which reason we have gathered experts from different parts of the world such as Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina,” added Solá.  

Martín Díaz (Sadio and the Hospital Alemán), Héctor Repossi (AAIM), Franco Simini (Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay), Alan March (AAIM) and the event chairs coordinated the different activities.  

Implementation and standards