By Bernie Monegain 11:24 am December 07, 2016
Detroit businessman and philanthropist Mort Harris has given Henry Ford Health System the largest individual gift in its 100-year history.
mHealth apps
By Jack McCarthy 10:36 am December 07, 2016
Even among highly-rated patient-facing apps, researchers found that most are not yet enabling patient populations to better manage their health. 

Rush Health CEO Brent Estes views HealthShare as the hub for care coordination for the health system.

By Bernie Monegain 10:11 am December 07, 2016
InterSystems’ HealthShare technology to serve as Rush Health’s information hub

Pacemakers can be hacked. But more mundane medical device risks pose greater security dangers. "The average typical person isn't going to be targeted," said Partners HealthCare's Rick Hampton. "We do look at what can be hacked, but what we're really terrible at is putting it in context of what is a real risk."

By Jessica Davis 09:50 am December 07, 2016
When it comes to medical device security, the greatest challenge is equipment is running on outdated systems. The issue then becomes how to protect the data and determine whether the equipment is safe to operate.
Trump data security healthcare
By Mike Miliard 09:42 am December 07, 2016
Notwithstanding his cryptic if not contradictory stances on the Affordable Care Act, President-elect Donald Trump has a detailed platform on cybersecurity.

AHA President and CEO Richard J. Pollack, left, and FHA President and CEO Charles N. Kahn are urging President-elect Donald J. Trump and Congressional leaders to think twice about repealing Obamacare.

By Bernie Monegain 08:57 am December 07, 2016
‘Losses of this magnitude cannot be sustained and will adversely impact patients’ access to care, decimate hospitals’ and health systems’ ability to provide services…’
outdated security tools

Attendees talking during a networking break at the Privacy & Security Forum. 

By Jessica Davis 02:51 pm December 06, 2016
Among the items in the ‘security graveyard,’ Intermountain CISO Karl West included flat networks, SOC-less security and compliance-only security.

“Customers are in the early stages of implementing cognitive security technologies,” says Sandy Bird, chief technology officer, IBM Security.

By Bernie Monegain 01:35 pm December 06, 2016
Executives say cognitive technologies such as Watson have a big role to play
IoT healthcare

Stephanie Jernigan, assistant professor at Boston College, said that many healthcare organizations need to get better at handling large information sets to make use of Internet of Things devices. 

By Tom Sullivan 12:27 pm December 06, 2016
Cloud computing and the Internet of Things has changed the security landscape and many organizations do not yet understand how to apply insights to the business. And then there’s the challenge of getting patients to adopt new tools. 
manage cyber risk

Tony Sager discussed the fog of ever-growing threats, strategies, technologies and frameworks security professionals are grappling with. 

By Mike Miliard 11:50 am December 06, 2016
Tony Sager, senior vice president at the Center for Internet Security, promised to help simplify security – if not necessarily make it easy – at the HIMSS Health Privacy Forum on Tuesday.

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