Bed management IT new 'hot market'

Record growth rates make market attractive for vendors
By Erin McCann
10:38 AM

Bed management software applications have witnessed record growth rates over the past five years and are considered the new hot market for vendors and providers to watch, according to the findings of a new HIMSS Analytics report. 

The 2013 Essentials of U.S. Hospital IT Market report sheds light on IT applications used by more than 5,000 hospitals to support operational-related functions, such as contract management, bed management, benefits administration and materials management. 
Findings show bed management applications have far exceeded the growth rate of all other applications profiled in the Spring 2013 edition, and officials say coupled with its relatively low market penetration level, report data suggests lucrative opportunities for vendors in this market.
Bed management applications track when beds are available; create notifications to cleaning staff to prepare the bed for the next patient; and notifies registration/administration when the bed or room has been cleaned and is available for the next patient.
Officials say this integrated application can facilitate streamline workflow and increase patient satisfaction as the organization can better track availability and location of beds.
"As hospital administrators grapple with ways to maximize limited resources, bed management applications are a logical answer for many facilities looking at ways to improve the flow of inpatients throughout their facility," said Lorren Pettit, vice president, research, HIMSS Analytics, in a news release.