"Where worms, viruses, and Dos/DDoS were of the center of attention roughly four years ago, we're now dealing with nation state attacks, IoT compromises and Ransomware," said Raytheon's Alison Kidd. "The game has shifted to be one of complete control, instead of disruption."

By Jessica Davis 11:29 am June 20, 2016
'Most managed security services don't provide proactive threat hunting, advanced analytics and incident response as part of their core offerings.'
Kalorama EHR Epic Allscripts
By Bernie Monegain 10:03 am June 20, 2016
The research firm also said that with more than 1,000 products in the health IT space, the current market is unsustainable and hospitals should expect more vendor mergers and acquisitions in the near future.

Researchers find women's career paths have been long and winding roads for many.

By Bernie Monegain 11:16 am June 18, 2016
A recent article in Harvard Business Review takes a deep look at women’s working paths over the course of their careers. Some of the findings may surprise you.

"Those with insurance, they think they’re covered, but when you get into the nitty gritty, sometimes organizations are surprised."

By Jessica Davis 11:27 am June 17, 2016
With the growing frequency of cyberattacks, healthcare organizations are discovering the need for an extra layer of protection to cover the loss of funds incurred from a security breach.
Prime Surgeons on-demand surgical care
By Jeff Lagasse 10:58 am June 17, 2016
Prime Surgeons called its surgical staff "elite," with patients ranging from athletes to celebrities and professionals, touts transparent pricing.

Population health management tools can help achieve the elusive Triple Aim.

By Bernie Monegain 09:54 am June 17, 2016
As healthcare increasingly adopts tools supporting value-based care delivery, the potential multi-billion dollar market for population health management is getting a big boost, according to new analysis from research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Christopher A. Holden will lead the combined company as president and CEO, the same positions he holds at Amsurg.

By Bernie Monegain 08:45 am June 17, 2016
The combined company’s worth is pegged at $10 billion.

"We currently store genetic data in a very robust, complicated, standard format that was developed nearby here, in Silicon Valley," said Nephi Walton, MD, in San Francisco on Wednesday. "The problem is, it was developed in 1993 and it's called a PDF."

By Mike Miliard 08:24 pm June 16, 2016
'Our technology to produce data from genetic medicine is far more advanced than our ability to use it in a clinical environment.'

OhioHealth Doctors Hospital reaches Stage 7 pinnacle of EMRAM scale.

By Bernie Monegain 09:55 am June 16, 2016
Stage 7 is the pinnacle in the move to high-functioning EHRs.

Risk stratification, Chilmark researchers explain, is a foundational element of care management and population health management.

By Bernie Monegain 09:21 am June 16, 2016
Researchers point to 'Total Active Risk' model to better address care coordination, patient activation.

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