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By Mike Miliard 11:49 pm December 05, 2016
There's no one right way to set up a robust and workable cybersecurity program. But there are some key best practices to follow.
CISO cloud security concerns

Pictured, left to right: Johns Hopkins CISO Darren Lacey, Penn Medicine associate CIO John Donohue, Juniper Networks senior product leader Albert Lew, and Christiana Care CISO Anahi Santiago. 

By Tom Sullivan 04:43 pm December 05, 2016
New skill set needs, old business associates and large data hosts becoming attractive targets top the list of chief information security officers. 
Aetna CISO early-stage startups

Jim Routh, chief information security officer at Aetna, recommended that healthcare organizations rethink their procurement process to invest in upstarts that don't have market share or investors because it's less expensive. 

By Tom Sullivan 03:19 pm December 05, 2016
Skip market share leaders. Instead, pinpointing emerging technologies enables healthcare organizations to get cutting-edge technologies for a song. Just not without some degree of risk. 
hackers short sale stocks

Scott Borg speaking at the Pirvacy & Security Forum in Boston. 

By Henry Powderly 02:52 pm December 05, 2016
Cyberattacks that influence healthcare stocks could cause long-term damage to providers and yield big profits to criminals, according to Scott Borg of the U.S. Cyberconsequences unit. 
Cyberattacks worse NSA privacy
By Jessica Davis 12:46 pm December 05, 2016
Healthcare tops the list for ‘losing stuff’ and the ratio of incidents to breaches, Joel Brenner said Monday during the HIMSS Privacy & Security Forum in Boston.

Stephan Chenette and Rajesh Sharma of AttackIQ, a cybersecurity startup.

By Bernie Monegain 12:28 pm December 05, 2016
San Diego-based company aims to bolster its AttackIQ FireDrill platform.

Regenstrief Institute is part of a coalition that has launched a population health management initiative aimed at curbing depression in aging people.

By Bernie Monegain 11:42 am December 05, 2016
New population health initiative focused on relieving severity of depression.

New research at Henry Ford Hospital reveals that 3-D imaging is the way to go in fixing cardiac arrhythmia.

By Bernie Monegain 10:56 am December 05, 2016
A recent study conducted by Henry Ford Hospital showed a 100 percent rate in a particular heart procedure when 3D imaging was used instead of traditional 2D imaging.
21st Century Act poised for Senate action

Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., at a press conference promoting the 21st Century Cures Act. (Photo courtesy of the House Energy and Commerce Committee)

By 10:26 am December 05, 2016
Sprawling health bill expected to pass the Senate.
hot health technologies 2017

Laboratory-focused technologies, such as transfusion and specimen collection management systems, lab outreach services and molecular diagnostics, are seeing big upticks in purchasing plans, according to HIMSS Analytics.

By Mike Miliard 02:14 pm December 02, 2016
A look at the leading health information technologies hospitals told HIMSS Analytics they plan to buy in the next 12 months. 

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