Patient care with IT
By Mike Miliard 09:15 am July 20, 2015
As part of its ongoing battle against medical errors and adverse events, the Office of the National Coordinator has released its Health IT Safety Center Roadmap, a plan to convene stakeholders to create a technology-enabled "culture of safety" across the industry.
By Government Health IT Staff 08:09 am July 20, 2015
A recent report suggests that perhaps the Internet of Things promise may be bigger than all the hype around it.
By Government Health IT Staff 08:03 am July 20, 2015
The latest iteration brings new features for auto-renewal of benefits, identity verification, a self-service portal and more.
UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center
By Erin McCann 03:13 pm July 17, 2015
The four-hospital UCLA Health System on Friday set to work notifying 4.5 million of its patients that their protected health information has been compromised, following one of the largest HIPAA breaches ever reported.
Doctor and money illustration
By Erin McCann 11:04 am July 17, 2015
Camden Clark Medical Center had some serious financial problems. After bringing in a consulting firm that helped change care management processes and optimize IT systems, it is now on track for an $18 million improvement by year's end.
Money and tech
By Mike Miliard 10:25 am July 17, 2015
The push toward value-based outcomes means health information exchange technology has new opportunities for value-add, according to reports published this week by IDC Health Insights.
By Bernie Monegain 07:36 am July 17, 2015
Patient matching and patient registration could soon get a boost. Organizations working on the Virtual Clipboard Initiative today released the design and specifications for its new pilot program.
Flow chart
By Mike Miliard 11:15 am July 16, 2015
A new study from AHRQ examines "sociotechnical factors and the role they play in mitigating or augmenting health IT’s impacts on workflow." The effect on outpatient settings is not always a good one.
By Erin McCann 10:55 am July 16, 2015
Feeling down? Your smartphone will most likely know before you or your doctors do, after a recent study showed promise for an mHealth app that detects depression and monitors at-risk populations.
By Don Yish 10:42 am July 16, 2015
The healthcare industry can be prone to overuse -- and sometimes misuse -- of buzzwords and acronyms. From "population health management" to "interoperability," it's worth unpacking what these terms really mean.

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