John Showalter, chief health information officer at University of Mississippi Medical Center, with members of his analytics team: Clinical Intelligence Manager Keith Hodges (left) and Research Informatics Manager Alex Castillo. (Photo courtesy UMMC)

By Mike Miliard 11:22 am May 03, 2016
UMMC CHIO John Showalter, MD, describes what associative data lakes, honest brokers and more mean to becoming a learning health system.
By Tom Sullivan 11:06 am May 03, 2016
IBM Watson said it will provide free storage to nonprofit organizations and academic medical center researchers using Apple’s ResearchKit. But developers looking to tap into the supercomputer's analytics will have to pay.
By Bernie Monegain 09:56 am May 03, 2016
The health system’s CIO said implementing the platform will enable it to improve care while reducing cost and risk.

Building 17 on Microsoft's Redmond, Washington, headquarters campus. 

By Tom Sullivan 09:23 am May 03, 2016
SQL Server 2016 will bring new functions for protecting data in motion and at rest, visual reporting, cloud-first features and big data analytics tools.
By Bernie Monegain 09:05 am May 03, 2016
The funding will span more than 20 projects to address several of healthcare’s biggest burdens, according to the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.
By Jeff Lagasse 03:47 pm May 02, 2016
Only 30 percent of respondents to a recent poll want the Affordable Care Act repealed, as Republican contenders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are promising. Another 30 percent support expanding the law, which Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have said they will do. 
By Mike Miliard 11:32 am May 02, 2016
The technology, seen as a potential move toward bionics, could one day enable wireless updates for corrective lens prescriptions, if it comes to fruition.
By Jeff Lagasse 11:06 am May 02, 2016
The health system credits clinical and financial improvements to a CDI initiative that resulted in more accurate coding and greater physician engagement. 

A new bill would connect primary care physicians in underserved areas with specialists at academic hubs, "making it easier for medical professionals to access the continuing education they need and provide health care to more people," said Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii.

By Bernie Monegain 10:41 am May 02, 2016
Project ECHO, a health IT pilot that launched in 2003 in rural New Mexico to connect rural doctors to specialists, is now front and center in Congress as lawmakers consider employing the model across the country.
By Kaiser Health News 10:38 am May 02, 2016
The sheer number and variety of providers that patients see after leaving a hospital make medical mistakes and poor transitions in care all too common today. 

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