Diana E. Bianchi, MD, is leaving Tufs Medical Center in Boston to lead NIH's National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

By Bernie Monegain 10:20 am August 26, 2016
Diana E. Bianchi, MD, is leaving Tufts Medical Center in Boston to lead NIH's National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

"Accountable Care Organization initiatives in Medicare continue to grow and achieve positive results in providing better care and health outcomes while spending taxpayer dollars more wisely," said CMS Chief Medical Officer Patrick Conway, MD.

By Susan Morse 09:59 am August 26, 2016
More than 400 Medicare ACOs generated some $466 million in savings, said Patrick Conway, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on August 25. Of those, 125 qualified for shared savings payments by meeting quality performance standards.
By Beth Jones Sanborn 03:17 pm August 25, 2016
Physician practice professionals lean toward Hillary Clinton as the presidential candidate they plan to support, with 48 percent of respondents of an informal Aprima survey saying she would "most benefit" their practices, compared to 36 percent who prefer Donald Trump.

Livongo Health CEO Glen Tullman

By Bill Siwicki 02:34 pm August 25, 2016
Livongo Health has made a name for itself in assisting with the care of patients with diabetes. And according to its CEO, Glen Tullman, it has plenty more work to do in this field before it expands the use of its technology and services to other chronic illnesses.

"Through the use of Acuere, two of our satellite clinics have achieved better blood pressure control than our organization as a whole," said Marianella Napolitano, vice president of performance improvement at Cleveland-based Neighborhood Family Practice.

By Mike Miliard 11:31 am August 25, 2016
OCHIN, the multi-state information network serving 170 health organizations and more than 10,000 clinicians, has launched Acuere, a real-time data aggregation system meant to help drive clinical improvements and operational efficiencies.

Johns Hopkins Medicine has launched the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Zika Center

By Jessica Davis 10:58 am August 25, 2016
Johns Hopkins Medicine has launched the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Zika Center, where medical professionals focus on caring for patients with the Zika virus. The center is touted as the first multidisciplinary Zika center in the world.
By Kaiser Health News 10:45 am August 25, 2016
In their professional journals, at conferences, on social media and healthcare blogs, and in comments to federal regulators, the nation's doctors are expressing growing anger and frustration about the changes MACRA will bring.
By Jessica Davis 10:32 am August 25, 2016
TrapX, a cybersecurity company, has launched CryptoTrap: a community ransomware decryption tool designed to help healthcare organizations and others bolster their security measures.
Marcy Dunn Epic, MaineHealth
By Bernie Monegain 10:18 am August 25, 2016
The outgoing Catholic Health Services CIO is cited for her collaborative style and record as change agent.

Sue Murphy, RN, chief experience and innovation officer, patient experience and engagement program, at The University of Chicago Medicine: "One thing we do in keeping senior leaders involved is send information to them in a very data-driven, date-based fashion, so they know they will see certain patient experience outcomes metrics, for example, between the 15th and the 18th of every month."

By Bill Siwicki 12:58 pm August 24, 2016
The University of Chicago Medicine has achieved stakeholder buy-in and engaged patients, providing patients with a great experience while meeting the demands of a value-based system.

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