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HIPAA does not get as technical as these common vulnerabilities, so there's a huge gray area that healthcare payers and providers must grasp. More
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Jointly developed in conjunction with two hospitals, POC Advisor is showing impressive early results. More
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Healthcare organizations willing to break the tried-and-true approach to acquiring IT products are creating applications that are more closely aligned with their needs. And potentially getting equity in a successful startup. More
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Pulling together analytics, population health functions and care coordination, Virtual Health's new platform overlays existing silos to help organizations better manage cost-sharing. More
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Users rank their favorite HIE technology makers, while the exchanges face continuing challenges. More
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All the technology in today's world cannot effectively close the gap between doctors and patients, until they understand each other much better. And that takes a little bit of neuroscience and a lot of finesse. More
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As the data needs of clinical analytics mount, some vendors are revving the engines with more horsepower. More
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PatientSafe plans to unveil at HIMSS15 new clinical communications client-server software that clinicians access via a ruggedized iPhone to enable mobile care coordination. More
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We all know about CIOs and CMIOs. But what's the job of a chief health information officer, anyway? More
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Is a platform for the entire healthcare industry a viable solution to interoperability challenges? Two early-stage companies say their new technologies are up to the task. More
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Meet the new linguistic mashup: "plecosystem," meaning a technological ecosystem comprising different platforms. More and more platforms are coming from technology leaders such as Apple, IBM, Google and Microsoft -- put them all together and that... More
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"EHRs have become roach motels," say the co-founders of par8o, an early-stage company that bills itself as "Healthcare's Operating System" and hopes to tackle data liquidity and dynamic pricing through a cloud service that can... More