legal record EHR malpractice

Jodi Daniel, partner with Crowell & Moring and former policy director at ONC, recommended that providers include legal risks associated with EHRs in risk mitigation strategies. 

By Diana Manos 07:08 am October 13, 2016
Electronic health records platforms are leaving doctors exposed by making it hard to demonstrate what they did and why. Some providers are even settling malpractice suits and not because of guilt. Hospitals cannot ignore the issue anymore.
Security budgets breaches rise

Scott Aldridge of the IT Process Institute said that changes to IT infrastructure can make organizations vulnerable to breaches. 

By Bill Siwicki 06:59 am October 13, 2016
IT Process Institute CEO Scott Alldridge said healthcare organizations need to support security spending and technologies with IT and process rigor to avoid breaches.
Sarah Bush Jerry Esker

Sarah Bush Health System CEO Jerry Esker. 

By Bernie Monegain 12:20 pm October 12, 2016
Esker’s CEO post becomes official as the system focuses on patient safety, begins to roll out a Cerner EHR.
KLAS interoperability challenging EHRs

Source: KLAS

By Bernie Monegain 10:52 am October 12, 2016
The research firm found that no vendor community excels at exchanging records with other vendors and while providers see value in participating in CommonWell and Carequality only a small subset are actively sharing data today.
Pokémon Go public health
By Tom Sullivan 09:12 am October 12, 2016
The accidental health app bested other tools in engaging patients who stand to benefit most. But whether Pokémon Go or future apps and devices specifically designed to keep people moving will succeed depends on the very big question of design.
Drug price hikes hospitals
By Kaiser Health News 09:02 am October 12, 2016
Researchers said the price hikes driving big spending increases are inconsistent and while AHA president Rick Pollack said that any upticks because of market manipulation are just plain wrong. 
InstaMed P2PE v2
By Jessica Davis 08:01 am October 12, 2016
The company is said to be the first in healthcare to achieve this validation, which ensures the payment network has met standards to protect data.
ransomware price of health data

Pam Dixon, founder and executive director of World Privacy Forum

By Jessica Davis 07:27 am October 12, 2016
Executives at the World Privacy Forum and Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology said that the availability of EHR data is outpacing demand, which means that cybercriminals have to undertake more attacks to steal the same amount of money.
Offshoring PHI business associate
By Mike Miliard 07:21 am October 12, 2016
Hospitals and provider organizations now have to manage business associates that might share data or access to it with overseas vendors. Experts say OCR won't pursue foreign companies after a breach. That means all risk remains on HIPAA-covered entities.
DoD Cerner EHR delay

DoD Program Executive Officer Stacy Cummings said the new plan was necessary to provide the best possible solution for users. 

By Bernie Monegain 07:20 am October 12, 2016
The Defense Department also said its massive modernization project will now rollout at one military site in the Pacific Northwest instead of the original two it had planned to use as pilot sites. 

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