ADT mostly replacement market

The process of admitting, discharging, transferring and registering has largely remained the same for several years. Although vendor development is focused on managing regulatory issues, “there are not a lot of new enhancements to the systems,” said Paul Pitcher, director of financial systems for KLAS Enterprises. Although it’s been largely a replacement market, some hospitals are switching systems for strategic reasons – based on what they are doing clinically. As a result, “the buying trend is less influenced by what they’re doing in patient accounting,” Pitcher said. Still, some companies, notably Epic, and third-party vendors are adding new capabilities in the area of revenue cycle management. The ranked list is from KLAS’ Top 20 2006 Year End Final Report on acute care registration, scheduling and patient accounting. The first seven products are ranked. The last three are notable products.


QuadraMed Patient Registration

KLAS Rank No. 1

Features: Streamline the entire patient intake process with QuadraMed Patient Registration. From pre-registration to admission, inpatient and outpatient, QuadraMed Patient Registration provides multiple registration flows tailored for various scenarios. It also provides customizable data collection requirements, comprehensive data capture, and integrated electronic document management, EDI and HIPAA support. This flexible solution delivers real value to your organization by enabling you to collect patient information required for admission, care and billing, while also managing beds and census reporting. QuadraMed Patient Registration is a core, foundational component of the Care-Based Revenue Cycle designed to get the patient to their place of care quickly.

With most billing processes standard, what distinguishes your product from others in this market? QuadraMed Patient Registration improves patient safety by integrating with QuadraMed Precise ID for exact person identification; “seeds” registration with information from previous visits to expedite the intake process and improve patient satisfaction; includes embedded, automated eligibility and benefit checking using the HIPAA EDI 270/271 transactions; integrates with QuadraMed Electronic Document Imaging for collection and viewing of pertinent documents; supports database extenders, custom questions, as defined by authorized users; provides HIPAA defined privacy capabilities including Notice of Privacy Practices tracking; and supports use of the QuadraMed Medi Kiosk Powered by Galvanon to expedite the check-in process.

What capabilities does your system have to filter out errors in the front end of admittance? Registration offers solutions such as a “Required Fields Explorer,” an intuitive Medicare Secondary Payer questionnaire, payer and service flows to assist with accurate and complete data collection. The Account Workflow Patient Service Representative Worklist provides an intuitive and exception-based means to filter and follow-up on collection of missing data.


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