Man pushing cloud button
By Bernie Monegain 09:34 am August 07, 2015
The American Academy of Family Physicians has entered into an agreement with HealthFusion to offer HealthFusion's software to its 120,900 family physician members.
Texas Health Resources Presbyterian
By Bernie Monegain 07:54 am August 07, 2015
Texas Health Resources has appointed Joey Sudomir as senior vice president, innovative technology solutions and chief information officer.
Susan DeVore
By Bernie Monegain 01:57 pm August 06, 2015
Healthcare improvement alliance Premier will spend $400 million to acquire CECity, a privately-held, SaaS-based healthcare solutions company. Much like Premier, CECity focuses on performance management and improvement, pay-for-value reporting and professional education.
Doc with mobile device
By Eric Wicklund 11:00 am August 06, 2015
The new conference will focus on cyber-security, population health and mhealth.
IBM Watson
By Bernie Monegain 10:07 am August 06, 2015
Big Blue scoops up the medical imaging technology provider and plans to integrate the acquired products with its Watson supercomputing and analytics capabilities.
Doc and patient
By Bernie Monegain 08:43 am August 06, 2015
Half of primary care physicians across the country view the increasing use of quality-of-care metrics and penalties for unnecessary hospitalizations as potentially troubling for patient care.
Inspira Health
By Eric Wicklund 08:06 am August 06, 2015
How a health network eliminated noisy alerts and, in turn, improved response times and patient consults, updated its EHR more frequently, and reduced length-of-stay.
By Tom Sullivan 03:27 pm August 05, 2015
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday revealed that it is working to build a software platform for precision medicine and an informatics community around it.
Digital data
By Erin McCann 10:58 am August 05, 2015
2015 thus far has been the year of hackers targeting the healthcare industry. And they don't appear to be slowing down. Just last week, another business associate notified individuals that their protected health information was stolen following yet another "sophisticated cyberattack."
By Erin McCann 10:53 am August 05, 2015
The popular crowd-sourced review site Yelp is teaming up with an unlikely partner to put more healthcare facility data and reviews into the hands of the consumer.

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