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Santosh Mohan says marrying the complimentary disciplines of user experience and customer experience can help IT gain the trust of clinicians and, in turn, be better able to serve them.

By Tom Sullivan 02:09 pm February 07, 2017
Design thinking and strategies such as empathy interviewing can help IT professionals better understand how to make doctors more productive -- and that ultimately enables them to better serve patients.
NIST EHR copy paste
By Mike Miliard 12:54 pm February 07, 2017
In collaboration with ECRI, a new report outlines best practices, suggesting that copy-and-paste data should be easily identifiable, with its original source easy to discern.
American Well HIMSS17 telehealth

American Well CEO Roy Schoenberg

By Bill Siwicki 12:29 pm February 07, 2017
On one front, telehealth will become significantly closer to consumers on electronics everyone is very familiar with, the vendor’s CEO says.

Verity Health CEO Andrei Soran

By Jessica Davis 11:07 am February 07, 2017
Verity Medical Foundation-San Jose Medical Group website, part of the Verity Health System in Redwood, California, was hacked, exposing the data of 10,164 patients. Verity includes six California hospitals, the Verity Medical Foundation and Verity Physician Network.
Stanford lab on chip

Stanford Genome Technology Center Director Ron Davis

By Bernie Monegain 10:51 am February 07, 2017
Researchers say the medical revolution will be akin to low-cost genome sequencing.
cloud computing precision medicine

Washington University School of Medicine informaticist Nephi Walton said cloud computing will become the platform for aggregating and harmonizing data but healthcare organizations should understand why they want to choose the model. 

By Bill Siwicki 07:17 am February 07, 2017
Informaticist Nephi Walton says that the cloud can be used to aggregate and harmonize data and argues that in certain ways it is more secure than what hospitals can handle on their own.
UCSF cloud Salesforce

Kristin Chu, IS director at the Univeristy of California San Francisco School of Medicine, said when they started working with Salesforce cloud services six years ago, UCSF started small and moved up from there. 

By Bill Siwicki 07:12 am February 07, 2017
The University of California San Francisco School of Medicine takes an app by app approach to its use of cloud computing, employing technology from Salesforce to build custom applications for clinical care and research.  
By Bill Siwicki 07:10 am February 07, 2017
Beaufort Memorial Hospital has already launched into the cloud with a variety of back-end systems and says it will move its enterprise and clinical systems to the cloud in the next 18 to 24 months.
Children's National cloud computing
By Bill Siwicki 07:08 am February 07, 2017
An executive cautions that the biggest challenge with cloud computing in healthcare is the contract organizations sign with vendors of cloud services.
Jason Pierre-Paul ESPN HIPAA

Photo by Mike Morbeck, Wikimedia Commons

By Jack McCarthy 06:55 am February 07, 2017
The New York Giants player filed suit against the television network after a reporter tweeted out a picture of his hospital record after a fireworks accident. 

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