6 health IT up-and-comers

By Erin McCann
09:49 AM

Healthcare IT News has selected six up-and-coming health IT gurus who have made a name for themselves in the industry – all before their 30th birthday. These best and brightest show that in health IT, wisdom has little to do with age.

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1. Halle Tecco, 29, is the co-founder and CEO of Rock Health.

2. Mark Silverberg, 21, is co-creator of the new disease-tracking Twitter application MappyHealth.

3. Tyler Kiley, 27, is co-founder and chief technology of InQuicker.

4. Mike Dozier, 29, is the regional information officer at the Cape Girardeau, Mo.-based SoutheastHEALTH system.

5. Ryan Panchadsaram, 27, is a presidential innovation fellow working with the White House, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT and the Department of Veterans Affairs on Blue Button for America.

6. Eugene Medynskiy, 29, is the co-founder and former chief technology officer at Usable Health.