11 'inspiring' mhealth innovators emerge from competition

The mHealth Alliance and Rockefeller Foundation announced the winners of The Top 11 in 2011 Innovators Challenge Dec. 5 at the mHealth Summit here in the nation's capital. They include innovations from text messaging to nanoscopy. The innovators work around the globe, from Indiana and California, to Madras and Kenya.

The winners were selected through an online nomination process, launched Oct. 5 on HealthUnbound.org (HUB), which sought individuals “who have used mobile technology in innovative ways to improve health systems and outcomes, particularly in the most remote areas of the world.” The list was pared to 30 candidates and presented for a week of public voting, then pared  to 11 by a selection committee.

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“Nominations have come from more than 30 countries around the world, including many low-income countries,” said Karl Brown, associate director of applied technology at the Rockefeller Foundation and member of the alliance’s partnership board. “We are positive that the top 11 will be an inspiring set of role models for this quickly evolving field.”

Unveiled during a special Sunday evening reception prior to Monday’s launch of the mHealth Summit in Washington D.C., the 11 winners are:

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