Big Data relates to Security

EU's GDPR privacy law is here: Are you certain your U.S. organization is compliant?

The European regulation is much more stringent than HIPAA, and those health systems that handle EU patient data, even in the U.S., must adjust their privacy measures to comply.

Minnesota ransomware attack shows the right way to handle breach response

While only about 6,500 patients were impacted by a cyberattack on Associates in Psychiatry and Psychology in March, the provider's transparency in its breach notification is a valuable example for other organizations.

Did a change in encryption models tie the hands of data centers?

In March, the Internet Engineering Task Force approved the Transport Layer Security version 1.3, the key function to enable HTTPS function on the web. On the surface, the new encryption model shores up network communications and provides substantially improved security features.

How Integris Health fortified data security with identity governance

After failing several audits, the health system turned to an IG vendor to help it understand which users have access to what and, more importantly, ensure users have the right access to data.

LifeBridge Health reveals breach that compromised health data of 500,000 patients

LifeBridge said they discovered the breach on March 18, which involved malware that infected the server that hosts their EMR, patient registration and billing systems.

ClearData releases GDPR compliance tools for hospitals

The dashboard can help health systems manage the stringent privacy rules of the EU's looming General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into effect this week.

HITRUST, NIST team up on cybersecurity certification

Security organizations just made it easier and more effective for hospitals to deploy and operate the dominant infosec frameworks.