Meaningful Use Description

ClearData releases GDPR compliance tools for hospitals

The dashboard can help health systems manage the stringent privacy rules of the EU's looming General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into effect this week.

HITRUST, NIST team up on cybersecurity certification

Security organizations just made it easier and more effective for hospitals to deploy and operate the dominant infosec frameworks.

How EHR vendor Epic became involved in a major Supreme Court labor law decision

Supreme Court sides with Epic and other employers over workers in the May 21 decision, with Justice Neil Gorsuch writing the 5-4 majority opinion.

Despite email attacks, healthcare still not using DMARC to protect against spoofing

The Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance standard can help hospitals protect against ransomware and phishing, but is only successfully used by 1.7 percent of large healthcare organizations.

DoD IG finds massive security flaws in Army, Navy EHR and handling of patient data

Inspector general says Defense Health Agency sites failed to consistently implement technical, physical and administrative protocols and may have violated HIPAA regulations in the process.

eClinicalWorks clients 'left out in the cold' as EHR vendor not complying with DOJ settlement

U.S. government got approximately $125 million out of the False Claims case but what about eClinicalWorks customers?

Gap analysis improves risk analysis, but isn't enough for HIPAA compliance, OCR says

While gap analysis can find existing vulnerabilities in an organization’s security, it’s not an equal substitution for HIPAA-required risk analysis.

eClinicalWorks DOJ settlement one year later

A look at what has transpired since the EHR vendor agreed to pay a fine in the False Claims suit that rattled the industry.

Opioid epidemic: Why aren't prescription drug monitoring programs more effective?

Issues with data standardization and the differences in regulations inhibit their potential.

How 'promoting interoperability' will take health data sharing to another level

The next phase of meaningful use is to create an ecosystem of APIs and apps, end data blocking and give patients choices about what tools they use to access their medical information.