Telehealth equates to Connected Health

Apple faces new lawsuit over tech behind its heart rate monitor

The suit filed by Omni MedSci claims Apple infringed on a patent-pending laser technology that measures physiological parameters including heart rate.

Aneesh Chopra urges innovators to embrace 'Digital Hippocratic Oath'

The former U.S. CTO and speaker at the upcoming HIMSS Dev4Health event explains why innovators should include the perspectives of patients, clinicians and patients when building apps.

Health Innovation Think Tank @ HIMSS18: Moving the industry forward

The third gathering of the Health Innovation Think Tank brought together a diverse group of leaders, innovators and policymakers to identify best practices that can move the industry toward key clinical models associated with value-based care, connected health and virtual care.

Cancer center taps clinical collaboration tech to connect caregivers - including competitors

The tool has led to a complete restructuring of Centra Health's entire patient navigation process, says one clinician.

Health app adoption tripled since 2014, Accenture survey finds

Use of telemedicine has gone up as well, but not as dramatically, respondents say.

Survey: Patients are comfortable engaging doctors digitally, but not with sharing data

Patients and physicians both are ready to engage with one another using digital tools, according to a new Ernst & Young national survey released at HIMSS18 this week.

The survey found 54 percent of consumers said they are comfortable contacting their physician digitally and further expressed interest in using technology such as at-home diagnostic testing (36 percent), using a smartphone or connected device for information sharing (33 percent) and video consultations (21 percent).

Clinical systems, tech companies unwrap new applications at HIMSS18

Validic launches a remote care monitoring platform, Veta Health unveils a data-driven system that syncs with EHRs, and the Medici for Doctors app uncorks a new communication feature.

Innovation is much more than just using new tech

Speakers at the Digital and Personal Connected Health say a research-like approach is key in finding new ways to solve problems.