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Medical imaging needs driving providers to embrace flash capacity

BY Jeff Rowe | December 19, 2017

As medical science and related technologies evolve, one consistent requirement for healthcare organizations is going to be owning enough storage space to take on a growing amount of medical data.

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Along with clinicians, medical researchers need more and better data storage

BY Jeff Rowe | December 11, 2017

Because of the diversity of data workloads across scientific domains, a report notes, enterprise IT managers need to remain abreast of storage developments and their effect on storage architectures.

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How all-flash arrays are driving advances in storage technology

BY Jeff Rowe | December 08, 2017

Storage vendors are getting into analytics, adding telemetry to track capacity, data protection, performance and system health, and helping make predictive analytics one of the trends in data storage to watch in 2018.

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All-flash solutions reducing cost and size of healthcare storage options

BY Jeff Rowe | December 01, 2017

Machine learning data analytics, AI platforms and big data initiatives all perform better on all-flash solutions, says one stakeholder, and the storage will take up much less space.

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The future of data storage in the New Year and beyond

BY Jeff Rowe | December 01, 2017

With flash and other options spreading, says one storage market observer, CIOs should plan for data preservation as a priority today and evaluate data growth against the estimated costs for long-term budget cycles.

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Hybrid storage is evolving, say experts, not disappearing

BY Jeff Rowe | November 24, 2017

The price gap between high-capacity flash SSDs and high-capacity HDDs is narrowing much faster than was previously anticipated, which in turn is driving the evolution of hybrid flash storage.

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