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Data changes driving call for broader range of storage options

BY Jeff Rowe | August 31, 2017

As healthcare organizations work to determine the best storage options for the future, they are confronted with “the eternal tension” between capacity, performance and cost of storage.

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Flash growth continues as users seek fast, consistent storage

BY Jeff Rowe | August 29, 2017

Due to continuing concerns about cost, says one analyst, it is critical for potential flash users to understand the benefits that flash brings to the table for all types of workloads.

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Analytics and IoT top global data center trends

BY Jeff Rowe | August 23, 2017

The growth of the flash-based arrays market will be mainly driven by the increased use of the cloud-based application, big data analytics, and IoT requiring higher performance.

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Pure Storage to unveil latest all-flash platform in Dubai

BY Jeff Rowe | August 21, 2017

According to the company, FlashBlade, an all-flash array, has allowed multiple customers to consolidate 20 or more full refrigerator-sized data center racks of legacy storage down to a single 4U FlashBlade, about the size of a microwave.

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As flash storage spreads, stakeholders find new uses

BY Jeff Rowe | August 17, 2017

Storage systems need to become continually faster and denser as organizations seek to store more and more data.

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Expert: data unification can help orgs manage data tsunami

BY Jeff Rowe | August 16, 2017

In large projects where data sources are fragmented, says one expert, data unification is often needed as a precursor to self-service data preparation in enterprises seeking to build data environments fit for the modern era.