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Organizations target next-gen storage infrastructure

BY Jeff Rowe | August 09, 2017

With the coming explosion of data, says one expert, along with a tidal wave of new IoT data sources, healthcare organizations will need a lot of help from smarter storage products.

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Report: data integration tools key concern for healthcare

BY Jeff Rowe | August 08, 2017

Among other things, the report highlights the evolution of the data integration market and how organizations are seeking tools that don’t require data to be siloed before it is integrated.

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Internet of Things driving need for IT systems flexibility

BY Jeff Rowe | August 07, 2017

As IoT connected devices and sensors proliferate within an enterprise, managing, sifting through and analyzing so much data is increasingly a massive challenge.

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Data management challenges highlight need for better storage

BY Jeff Rowe | August 04, 2017

Data management is a major IT challenge that is not close to resolution in most organizations—and it is going to get worse as the data continues to stream in.

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Gartner touts growth of solid state storage in years ahead

BY Jeff Rowe | August 02, 2017

Healthcare organizations digitizing their IT infrastructure and turning to data heavy initiatives like analytics need a storage solution that will support heavy workloads and scale to meet future demands.

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Even as flash use grows, IT managers sticking with mixed storage arrays

BY Jeff Rowe | August 01, 2017

The all-flash storage market is predicted by Gartner to be worth $9 billion by 2020, but for the foreseeable future stakeholders are expected to take advantage of it in tandem with other storage options.