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Along with price drops, data reduction technologies making flash more attractive

BY Jeff Rowe | September 20, 2017

While the improving economics of flash storage allows companies to deploy larger computing operations onto purely flash arrays, says one expert, the management and services tied to the underlying flash system must be on the cutting edge, as well.

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How storage caching can help keep data close and ready

BY Jeff Rowe | September 18, 2017

In the perfect world, all data can be put on the fastest media available, but in this world, storage caching may be the next best thing.

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At the heart of better storage, better patient care

BY Jeff Rowe | September 12, 2017

Flash deployments, says one stakeholder, can result in the right combination of performance and reliability, leading to overall better patient care.

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Expert: hybrid storage options key to flash transition

BY Jeff Rowe | September 11, 2017

Just like tiering from flash to spinning media, says one expert, storage managers will soon see a series of array vendors tiering from faster flash to slower flash.

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MIT develops process to enhance speed of flash memory

BY Jeff Rowe | September 05, 2017

New flash-memory systems could reduce power consumption of data center “caches” by 90 percent.

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In data economy, small enterprises need big storage to thrive and grow

BY Jeff Rowe | September 04, 2017

Regardless of where their roots are in the global economy, small and medium enterprises need technological support to enhance the data accessibility necessary to make their mark across global markets.