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Data: the digital currency driving the need for new storage products

BY Jeff Rowe | November 14, 2017

Experts say the new class of enterprise storage will be to traditional data storage what banks are to safes.

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Memory advances next step in flash development

BY Jeff Rowe | November 05, 2017

Even as the technology evolves, there are factors to consider beyond technical capabilities before investing resources in a low-latency next-gen flash storage network.

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For health IT managers, hybrid arrays may be best storage fit

BY Jeff Rowe | October 31, 2017

According to one expert, hybrid flash arrays provide performance benefits over all-flash and all-hard disk storage systems and can address the varying workload demands of today's organizations.

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Increased storage density continues to reduce overall flash costs

BY Jeff Rowe | October 30, 2017

Among other things, advances in data compression and deduplication are enabling cheaper flash cache storage and overall performance acceleration.

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Awash in data: HIMSS forum looks at future of healthcare data storage

BY Jeff Rowe | October 25, 2017

The goal, agreed experts at the forum, is to turn data into information, into knowledge, and ultimately into actions and outcomes. 

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Flash is growing, but IT managers must maximize value of all their storage options

BY Jeff Rowe | October 24, 2017

While the market may be pointing strongly toward a shift to flash storage, IT managers must still do due diligence when considering how best to invest in next-gen options while maximizing the value of current systems.