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Data 2025: growth in data piles requires equal growth in storage options

BY Jeff Rowe | October 11, 2017

The aggregate effect of the trends driving the global datasphere to new zettabyte levels is to make digital transformation, including decisions surrounding data storage, an all-hands-on-deck effort for healthcare organizations.

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Health IT execs see modern data centers as key to value-based care

BY Jeff Rowe | October 10, 2017

As healthcare organizations continue to seek ways to reduce costs, improve security, and speed up the workflows of users across the care continuum, they are increasingly focusing on maximizing data center performance, which, by extension, often means rebuilding from the ground up by implementing new data storage.

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Reports: IT spending increasing in key areas with digital transformation

BY Jeff Rowe | October 09, 2017

Two new reports point to the growing popularity of on-demand services, such as IaaS and PaaS, as well as SSDs and software-defined storage.

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How to ask the right questions when considering all-flash storage

BY Jeff Rowe | October 05, 2017

All-flash storage arrays are not all alike, note experts, and an array that will make one application run 100 times faster will not necessarily have a similar effect on other workloads.

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With new flash in place, health IT managers consider uses for legacy storage systems

BY Jeff Rowe | October 02, 2017

Many stakeholders redeploy their legacy arrays and spinning drive assets as an archival tier, say experts, as much of the unstructured data that might be useful for data mining later need not be on fast tier all-flash arrays.