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Flash developments shift best-use storage mix for healthcare data

BY Jeff Rowe | November 07, 2017

There is no one-size-fits-all answer on what the perfect storage media mix would look like, and as SSD prices drop while HDD capacities increase, the way storage solutions are built will continue to evolve.

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Expert: storage must evolve to support AI and other new tech

BY Jeff Rowe | November 05, 2017

Without storage hardware and software working effectively in tandem, says one expert, data cannot be used to full effect, which in turn limits the effectiveness of AI systems and other emerging technologies.

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What’s in your flash future?

BY Jeff Rowe | November 02, 2017

Over the next five years, experts say, developments in flash storage will drive a whole new class of applications that will change the way enterprises and individuals interact with technology and the decisions it enables.

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How to choose the flash that’s best for your healthcare organization

BY Jeff Rowe | November 01, 2017

In determining performance and lifespan of flash storage options, companies must consider the SSD’s architecture, the storage controller and write amplification in addition to IOPS and latency.

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Rapid growth drives Mississippi hospital to flash storage

BY Jeff Rowe | October 30, 2017

The combination of a new EMR system and a dramatic increase in the number of virtual desktop users overwhelmed the system’s traditional storage area network.

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New data, new uses driving need for new storage strategies

BY Jeff Rowe | October 26, 2017

As data becomes more valuable to organizations, says one expert, its usefulness for analytics means that more data needs to be stored for longer periods of time.