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Increased data and new storage driving patient expectations for better access and use

BY Jeff Rowe | April 06, 2018

Because the data capacity of flash drives and secure digital memory card storage has increased dramatically, in recent years, so has consumer expectation for the possibilities brought by new data storage.

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How to plan now for the NVMe revolution

BY Jeff Rowe | April 03, 2018

As NVMe technology evolves, say experts, IT managers need to plan carefully to prepare for a steep SSD interface performance curve.

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Management software helps IT teams achieve optimal flash performance

BY Jeff Rowe | March 30, 2018

The superior performance of an all-flash solution may not align with the practical realities of budgetary pressures, but increased storage performance is still possible with targeted uses of all-flash storage.

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Specialists’ roadmap identifies future infrastructure and storage needs

BY Jeff Rowe | March 26, 2018

According to the “roadmap,” achieving meaningful transformation requires organizational governance to guide the development of clinical programs and the next phase of research methodologies.

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Layers of NAND: Does more necessarily mean better?

BY Jeff Rowe | March 20, 2018

In the future, says one expert, storage vendors will likely find new techniques to continue to improve the capacity of NAND flash memory technologies.

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IT pros who use flash storage know what it can really do

BY Jeff Rowe | March 19, 2018

Make a good business case, experienced flash storage users suggest to the uninitiated, and make sure you choose a supplier with good post-sales support and the ability to advise on best practices.

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