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Toronto hospital reports array of benefits following flash storage switch

BY Jeff Rowe | October 02, 2017

Analysts believe lower prices and performance advantages mean flash storage will be an increasingly compelling option for organizations.

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Survey: flash storage key to organizational innovation

BY Jeff Rowe | October 04, 2017

A majority of survey respondents currently using all-flash reported opportunities around operational benefits in areas such as IT automation and reduced need for manual system tuning.

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How to ask the right questions when considering all-flash storage

BY Jeff Rowe | October 05, 2017

All-flash storage arrays are not all alike, note experts, and an array that will make one application run 100 times faster will not necessarily have a similar effect on other workloads.

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Expanding flash market gives health IT managers new storage options

BY Jeff Rowe | September 28, 2017

From assessing different feature sets to comparing latency and workload performance levels, health IT managers need to have a keen understanding of what flash and other storage media can do for their organizations.

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With new flash in place, health IT managers consider uses for legacy storage systems

BY Jeff Rowe | October 02, 2017

Many stakeholders redeploy their legacy arrays and spinning drive assets as an archival tier, say experts, as much of the unstructured data that might be useful for data mining later need not be on fast tier all-flash arrays.

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