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How to look beyond price when considering flash storage

BY Jeff Rowe | December 04, 2017

If you want to add flash storage, says one longtime stakeholder, it's important to consider, among other things, the cost per IOPS and gigabyte compared to HDD volumes.

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NAND 101: the key to smart flash decisions

BY Jeff Rowe | December 05, 2017

From single-cell to triple-cell and beyond, health IT managers should understand the intricacies of NAND storage technology in order to make the right decisions for their organizations.

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How all-flash arrays are driving advances in storage technology

BY Jeff Rowe | December 08, 2017

Storage vendors are getting into analytics, adding telemetry to track capacity, data protection, performance and system health, and helping make predictive analytics one of the trends in data storage to watch in 2018.

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All-flash solutions reducing cost and size of healthcare storage options

BY Jeff Rowe | December 01, 2017

Machine learning data analytics, AI platforms and big data initiatives all perform better on all-flash solutions, says one stakeholder, and the storage will take up much less space.

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As health data piles up, flash storage is poised for ever new uses

BY Jeff Rowe | December 04, 2017

AI, machine learning and analytics in healthcare and elsewhere are pushing vendors to develop more efficient and cheaper storage for exploding stockpiles of data.

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