By Healthcare IT News 04:39 pm January 14, 2014
Imagine a world where patients everywhere receive the care they need--regardless of location.
By Healthcare IT News 09:53 am November 27, 2013
Since 2009, Regional Obstetrical Consultants (ROC) has operated the Solutions to Obstetrics in Rural Counties (STORC) project, a telemedicine program that delivers care in rural areas to women with at-risk pregnancies who would otherwise have little or no access to greatly needed, high-risk care. Learn how the physicians at ROC have implemented a...
By Healthcare IT News 11:29 am October 29, 2013
Healthcare organizations across the United States, from integrated delivery systems to academic medical centers to small clinics, are implementing telehealth networks into their clinical practices and operations. This white paper will review the real-life successes achieved by implementing clinical telehealth networks and how it can promote more...
By Healthcare IT News 11:00 am October 29, 2013
What makes telehealth one of the most significant developments in changing the way healthcare is delivered in the future? And how can it help build up a better healthcare system? The highly informative whitepaper, “Telehealth: Breaking Down the Barriers for More Connected Healthcare,” answers these questions and provides a thorough discussion of...
By Healthcare IT News 02:26 pm October 02, 2013
Within the wide scope of use for wireless communications, the ability to use radio frequency for identification and location tracking has become very prevalent. This white paper provides a look into how RTLS is helping hospitals save money and how early adopters have paved the way for a widespread acceptance.
By Healthcare IT News 10:22 am October 02, 2013
The case for telemedicine in today’s healthcare world is rapidly changing. Not only does it reduce the costs of chronic care, it has been shown to improve outcomes. This white paper discusses where Telemedicine is today and where it's headed, based on technologies that are available and the increasing rate of adoption.
By Healthcare IT News 01:45 pm February 26, 2013
Watch this video about the integration of real-time vital signs data with existing EHR. Sentara Healthcare’s Vice President and Chief Information Officer Bert Reese shares how his nationally recognized IDN leverages clinical informatics solutions to streamline care and integrate information into the healthcare delivery system.
By Healthcare IT News 09:45 am February 05, 2013
As hospitals adopt and expand mobile computing strategies, power systems are critical to ensuring caregivers access the information they need, shift after shift, where it matters most – at the point of care. The marketplace is filled with competing claims about which factors matter most. To help hospital decision makers evaluate their options,...
By Resource Central 01:08 pm November 07, 2012
A recent survey of IT executives found nearly 90% see business value in transitioning to Cloud computing, but only 20% have a plan to get there. Healthcare Cloud solutions require Compliance, Security, Privacy, Redundancy, and Scalability, so choosing the right path from on-premises servers to the Cloud can be daunting. Learn how to chart a...
By Resource Central 12:41 pm November 07, 2012
In January 2010, QualSight - the nation’s largest LASIK manager serving over 75 million health plan members - was informed that a hack attempt had been made against their infrastructure. They were concerned that a repeat occurrence could take place and wanted to take a pro-active role in eliminating any future occurrence. Download this case study...

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