Woman texting
By Eric Wicklund 08:01 am April 09, 2015
At HIMSS15, Chanin Wendling plans to share lessons learned from a texting program some 200,000 patients strong.
Billboard with payment icon
By Bernie Monegain 10:24 am April 07, 2015
After a sustained period of steady growth, venture capital funding in the health IT and digital health space dropped by about 35 percent in Q1 2015. The top deal for the quarter? Health Catalyst.
Attendees at HIMSS
By Tom Sullivan 08:07 am April 06, 2015
With more than 1,000 exhibitors, hundreds of education sessions and some top-flight keynotes, it would be impossible for any one person to see all of HIMSS15. But here are a few tricks to help you maximize your time there.
Home healthcare
By Intel 10:47 am April 02, 2015
(SPONSORED) Kay Eron at Intel talks about how current technology in medical devices impact patient care.
Digital caduceus icon
By Eric Wicklund 08:03 am April 02, 2015
Telehealth tools and techniques, like many other technologies, must figure into the business strategy to succeed.
By Intel 10:41 am April 01, 2015
(SPONSORED) General manager, Consumer Health at Intel Corporation, Michael Jackson discusses the growth of the consumer health market.
Doc with tablet
By Gus Venditto 08:04 am March 27, 2015
Virtualization enables clinicians to see the same desktop from any device within a hospital's network and lets applications essentially follow those users around.
By Verizon 09:45 am March 25, 2015
(SPONSORED) Shawn Hakl discusses the importance of security in a network that carries personal health information.
By Stephanie Bouchard 12:45 pm March 24, 2015
(SPONSORED) Healthcare providers are financially responsible for at-risk patients. Once these patients are discharged, providers lose contact with them until they return to the ER. Home monitoring coupled with a predictive analytics model helps providers intervene before patients return to the hospital.
Stop gesture
By Eric Wicklund 10:05 am March 24, 2015
Lawmakers in Arkansas have rejected a telemedicine bill that proponents say would save hundreds of thousands of dollars and reach patients living in underserved areas.

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