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By David Harlow 09:43 am October 25, 2012
I spent a couple days this week at the annual meeting of the Medical Group Management Association, in San Antonio. I had the opportunity to speak about healthcare social media to an engaged crowd, and to attend a number of other interesting sessions.
By Christina Thielst 12:37 pm October 04, 2012
Since I keep track of this stuff, I need to include this BBC story on my blog. It involves a patient in a hospital ward taking a picture of another patient and posting it on Facebook along with an insult.
By Jennifer Dennard 01:09 pm September 10, 2012
Tuning into the live webcast of the ONC’s Consumer Health IT Summit earlier today, I had the pleasure of hearing how Vietnam veteran Randy Watson has used the VA’s Blue Button technology to better enable his healthcare.
By Helen Figge 04:34 am September 03, 2012
Professional Development, Career Services has had great success with our eMentoring programs: eExecutive and eNurse which provide monthly answers to questions posed to nationally recognized health IT thought leaders today.
By Helen Figge 08:33 am July 16, 2012
The hiring of key personnel in healthcare IT is critical for the successful execution of quality healthcare; and never before has technology been infused into healthcare in an attempt to streamline its delivery.
By Keith W. Boone 08:49 am July 10, 2012
Now that my brief holiday is over, I'm back to thinking about standards again. One of the things that I've noted over the past 4 years of blogging is the increased influence of social media on Health IT regulation and standards.
By Jennifer Dennard 08:21 am July 09, 2012
I’ve always been of the opinion that anything I disseminate via social media is pretty much fair game, and I try to play by the golden rule of “If you don’t want it used against you in a court of law, don’t tweet it, post it, link it, pin it, etc.”
By Christina Thielst 09:25 am May 24, 2012
The Federation of State Medical Boards has released Model Policy Guidelines for the Appropriate Use of Social Media and Social Networking in Medical Practice.
By Christina Seivers 10:22 am May 16, 2012
Medical professionals — not just doctors — have discovered some creative (and not-so-creative) ways to apply the technology to many different aspects of their field, meaning savvy, Internet-literate patients should stay on the lookout for what might lay ahead.
By Christina Thielst 09:20 am May 02, 2012
The Acting General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board released a second report on outcome investigations involving social media that were submitted by regional offices and it underscores two main points.

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