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Real-time location systems can track the location of people or objects within a specific area. RTLS systems are wireless, with transmitter tags attached to items or personnel being tracked.

RTLS has multiple uses: Beyond just locating a piece of equipment or a member of staff in a busy hospital at peak demand times, RTLS can be integrated in to devices containing personal health information (PHI) so that it will auto log out of the network when it leaves a secure location. RTLS can also optimize patient flow, tracking the location of patients themselves so that they can check in and go to their room immediately.

Additionally, RTLS has the potential to save institutions money: Whereas some hospitals used to purchase up to three times the amount of equipment that they needed, just because they had a hard time locating it, effectively implemented RTLS can reduce the need for redundant assets. In 2011, it was reported that 95 percent of organizations that had implemented RTLS had seen a return on investment.