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By Jack McCarthy 07:58 am November 10, 2015
With a spate of high profile attacks penetrating healthcare organizations, including UCLA Health and insurance giant Anthem, many executives worry that they may not be able to create security strategies that can stop ever more inventive bad actors.
Keyhole and computer code
By Bernie Monegain 10:10 am November 09, 2015
There is a wide gap between young men and women who indicate they might consider a career in Internet security, according to a new survey commissioned by government contractor Raytheon and the National Cyber Security Alliance.
By Gus Venditto 10:16 am November 03, 2015
It's every security officer's worst nightmare: a cyber attack. IT departments spend years planning to guard against an attack. But what is the reality? Hackers don't follow a rule book.
Smartphone with social media icons
By Jack McCarthy 07:55 am November 03, 2015
The healthcare industry is only just beginning to understand how much we lack control over personal data. At the same time, Americans are putting more and more data onto social networks -- making it that much harder to know how best to protect it.
laptop breach
By Jessica Davis 10:47 am November 02, 2015
Increased cyber risks and a recent string of major breaches have changed the CISO landscape, making cybersecurity a top priority for board members and helping CISOs more effectively make the case for bigger budgets.
Digital caduceus
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 01:58 pm October 28, 2015
A few months back, our columnist shared her struggle to obtain electronic copies of her and her daughter's health data. Overall, the results were disappointing. Unfortunately, some apps notwithstanding, they mostly still are.
By Mike Miliard 10:56 am October 28, 2015
The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act was passed by the Senate on Tuesday in a 74 to 21 vote. Offering companies legal immunity when sharing threat data with the federal government, the bill has big implications for healthcare security.
By Tom Sullivan 08:03 am October 28, 2015
Even if the idea of a massive cyber event seems remote, CIOs and CISOs should be planning for one, said security czar Richard Clarke, because it is possible and that means one could happen.
Hacker silhouette
By Tom Sullivan 07:59 am October 28, 2015
Security expert Richard Clarke discusses emerging threats in the landscape and why hospitals should plan for events that have never happened before.
Richard Clarke
By Tom Sullivan 07:55 am October 28, 2015
To really be ready for the worst, healthcare CIOs and CISOs have to prepare for whatever could happen, the cybersecurity czar maintains, even if that is not a typical risk management strategy.

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