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By Bernie Monegain 10:22 am April 24, 2014
The shift toward value-based care has sparked a demand for analytics like never before, according to a report from research firm KLAS. The report also points out that the demand has vendors rushing a wave of new products to market.
By Bernie Monegain 01:00 am April 18, 2014
Welltok, says CEO Jeff Margolis, is leading a transformative movement in healthcare – pioneering health optimization. Now, it has a little help from its friend Watson.
By Mike Miliard 01:00 am April 18, 2014
Stephen Gold, IBM's vice president of Watson Solutions, sat down with Healthcare IT News to take stock of where Watson has been - and look ahead to new capabilities perhaps not yet dreamed of.
By Bernie Monegain 01:00 am April 18, 2014
While compared with other industries, healthcare has been slow to recognize the value that data and analytics could have on both the clinical and the business sides of the house.
By Bernie Monegain 01:00 am April 18, 2014
Remember the old adage, “Knowledge is power? In healthcare, it’s never been more manifest than in these times when hospitals and health systems are increasingly turning to data for answers to many big questions.
By Tom Sullivan 09:18 am April 16, 2014
Telecommunication behemoth BlackBerry Limited is testing out the healthcare IT waters, after it announced this week it was buying a stake in a cloud-based medical IT provider company.
IBM's Watson at New York Genome Center to help boost cancer care.
By Mike Miliard 06:00 am March 21, 2014
The latest deployment of IBM's cognitive computing technology is at the New York Genome Center, where Watson will help oncologists speed their research for personalized cancer care.

HIE market scales to new heights
By Erin McCann 10:47 am March 14, 2014
The surge in the number of hospitals and providers inking data exchange deals has resulted in corresponding market growth for health information exchange, according to a new industry report.
By Bernie Monegain 03:14 pm February 23, 2014
What if a room was alive and could know everything medically pertinent about the patient when he or she entered the room? That wild idea led to UPMC creating the SmartRoom and in 2010 partnering with IBM to take it to market.
Carilion pilot targets heart risk early
By Bernie Monegain 07:26 am February 20, 2014
Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, Va., has identified 8,500 patients at risk for developing heart failure in a pilot project designed to lead to early intervention. The pilot was completed in collaboration with IBM and Epic, using predictive modeling of data in Carilion's Epic EMR.

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