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CCHIT was founded in 2004 and promotes the widespread adoption of health information technology. It has been certifying EHRs since 2006, and also established the first comprehensive, practical definition of what capabilities were needed in those systems. Its certification criteria were developed through a voluntary, consensus-based process that engaged diverse stakeholders, allowing CCHIT to be officially recognized by the federal government as a certifying body.

Since its founding, CCHIT has broadened access to certification and offers three paths to certification. The new paths are intended to bring wider availability of EHR technologies, stimulate innovationand address the needs of providers and hospitals are varying stages of technology adoption. The three paths include CCHIT Certified, an independently developed certification, ONC-ATCB certification, a program that tests complete EHRs or EHR modules against the Final Rule issues by the ONC, and an EHR alternative certification program.