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David Brailer, MD, is the chairman of Health Evolution Partners, a healthcare private equity firm based in San Francisco, Calif. Prior to assuming this role, Brailer was appointed the first National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in May 2004. In this position, Brailer built the effort to bring the United States healthcare system into the information age. He led a bipartisan effort that moved the system toward transparency, quality and efficiency.

Brailer also held positions as co-founder of CareScience, a spin-off from The Wharton School. He led the company through several financings, strategic partnerships, an IPO and a strategic scale. In addition, he founded the health information technology program at the Wharton School Health Management Program and taught health management and economics in the Wharton MBA program. Brailer is an active patient-care physician in general medicine and in immune deficiency at the University of Pennsylvania.