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Bill Siwicki is Managing Editor of Healthcare IT News. Bill has nearly 30 years of experience in journalism, with more than 15 years in healthcare IT and healthcare finance along with extensive expertise in mobile technology.

Citizens forced to evacuate their homes but have medical needs can access Doctor On Demand at no cost in the Hurricane Harvey affected areas. Photo via Twitter

By Bill Siwicki 01:57 pm August 31, 2017
Two companies are trying to assist Houston-area residents who cannot make it to a physician or psychiatrist.
Allscripts picks Vidyo telehealth
By Bill Siwicki 03:20 pm August 30, 2017
The EHR vendor is enabling patients to consult with physicians either over the web or through a mobile app.
Sutter uses Lyft to help patients

Sutter offers patients, with documented needs, access to the Lyft transportation to get to appointments. Photo via Flickr

By Bill Siwicki 11:56 am August 30, 2017
Sutter seeks to solve access issues with the ride-hailing service. And patients do not need the app or even a smartphone.
doctors driving value-based care

“It is often the specialist who sees the patient most frequently and takes the lead in coordinating overall care,” said Charles Saunders, MD, and CEO of Integra Connect.

By Bill Siwicki 10:57 am August 30, 2017
With many specialists becoming de facto primary care physicians, experts say they should emulate payers’ pop health management techniques to control costs.
HIPAA compliance
By Bill Siwicki 09:43 am August 29, 2017
Thanks to antagonizing attacks like ransomware and ransomworms, the time has come for hospital executives to rethink how they comply with HIPAA.
ZingBox, VMware partnership

Photo via Flickr

By Bill Siwicki 12:10 pm August 25, 2017
ZingBox’s IoT personality-based approach will integrate with VMware Pulse IoT Center, an IoT infrastructure management system.
global health IT
By Bill Siwicki 10:08 am August 25, 2017
U.S. providers can learn from this KLAS study by seeing how well firms they could use stack up against one another when it comes to professional perception.
Fujifilm wins contract with DoD

The Synapse 3D system in a screenshot from FujiFilm.

By Bill Siwicki 12:50 pm August 24, 2017
Technology will play a significant role in the MHS Genesis transition, the DoD’s ongoing Cerner EHR overhaul, the company says.
healthcare cybersecurity strategy

Health systems need to establish cybersecurity as a strategic objective that is defined and managed by the C-suite and has board of directors involvement..

By Bill Siwicki 09:50 am August 24, 2017
Declaring a strategic objective, naming a CISO, maintaining a separate budget, board involvement and strict vendor scrutiny are just a few crucial points, cybersecurity experts say.
EHR vendors
By Bill Siwicki 03:11 pm August 23, 2017
Netsmart Technologies, eHana, PsyTech Solutions and Qualifacts Systems get nearly $200,000 to build pathways for Massachusetts behavioral health providers to electronically submit reportable data.

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