Bill Siwicki

Bill Siwicki is Managing Editor of Healthcare IT News. Bill has nearly 30 years of experience in journalism, with more than 15 years in healthcare IT and healthcare finance along with extensive expertise in mobile technology.

A sampling of medical reference apps from tech vendors on the market today.

By Bill Siwicki 09:45 am December 18, 2017
Smartphone software programs from the likes of athenahealth’s Epocrates, Doximity, Medscape, Wolters Kluwer and others are giving both clinicians and patients more confidence in diagnosis and treatment options.
AHIMA releases 17 steps to cybersecurity as attacks increase
By Bill Siwicki 01:00 pm December 15, 2017
In response to an ever-worsening cybersecurity environment in healthcare, with an increasing number of cyberattacks on hospitals, health systems and clinics, the American Health Information Management Association has issued new cybersecurity gui
Best Hospital IT Departments
By Bill Siwicki 06:35 am December 15, 2017
Hyper-converged infrastructure, lean methodologies and next-gen firewalls are keeping the IT team in front.
Best Hospital IT 2017
By Bill Siwicki 06:32 am December 15, 2017
A just-updated EHR and the introduction of robotics and advanced MRI machines not possible without a winning team.
Best Hospital IT 2017
By Bill Siwicki 06:31 am December 15, 2017
The small Stage 7 provider empowers its tech pros to challenge themselves, knowing the CIO has their backs.
Best Hospital IT Departments
By Bill Siwicki 06:29 am December 15, 2017
With behavioral health ineligible for federal IT funds, this small team is bearing the full weight of its EHR overhaul.
PwC: Top 12 defining healthcare issues of 2018
By Bill Siwicki 01:18 pm December 14, 2017
AI, IoT, cybersecurity, disaster preparedness and patient experience are prime concerns, according to PwC.
Clinical interruption from healthcare cyberattacks
By Bill Siwicki 12:21 pm December 12, 2017
A new report from AMA and Accenture finds phishing is the most common type of attack.
Blockchain in healthcare
By Bill Siwicki 10:26 am December 12, 2017
With $200 billion lost to counterfeit drugs annually and patient safety issues, a chain-of-custody log that blockchain could enable holds promise.
Walgreens NewYork-Presbyterian telemedicine
By Bill Siwicki 01:38 pm December 11, 2017
Walgreens is now offering access to NewYork-Presbyterian emergency physicians through its in-store medical kiosks. CVS has done the same with the Cleveland Clinic.

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