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Federal IT modernization initiative aims for the clouds

BY Jeff Rowe | December 22, 2017

Noting that Federal agencies are still working to meet the objectives of other critical modernization initiatives, the report outlines the current and envisioned state of Federal IT, including a number of specific recommendations.

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Survey finds health IT still in early days of cloud adoption

A majority of health IT shops have moved some of the systems to the cloud, but experts say the shift to true cloud computing is still to come.

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In the cloud, hospitals are getting “smarter” all the time

BY Jeff Rowe | December 20, 2017

Developing a strategy to build cloud-based apps for different kinds of devices is critical for ensuring devices are supported and can communicate effectively.

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Next-gen networking seen as key to maximizing cloud utilization

BY Jeff Rowe | December 19, 2017

According to experts, healthcare organizations cannot expand their IT infrastructure and adopt advanced cloud-based tools if their network is not scaled to meet the increased demands.

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How the cloud is helping make genomic medicine a reality

BY Jeff Rowe | December 18, 2017

Thanks to advances in healthcare technology, including the rapidly spreading cloud, the costs of genomic medicine and DNA sequencing have fallen dramatically in less than two decades.

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Prepare for the cloud future, and beyond

BY Jeff Rowe | December 18, 2017

Many of the AI services that enterprises will be using will be based in the public cloud, say experts, and adoption trends are likely to accelerate.

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Cloud investments loom large for 2018

BY Jeff Rowe | December 15, 2017

Health IT business pros will invest in AI technologies, business processes and the Internet of Things to help close skills and labor gaps, and much of that investment will end up in the cloud.

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Tech advances pushing health IT systems to the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | December 13, 2017

Despite significant on-premise investments, IT managers are increasingly attracted to the flexibility and range of services offered in the cloud.

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IT managers increasingly cautious as they migrate to the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | December 12, 2017

When it comes to cloud computing transitions, says one expert, it’s in an IT manager’s best interest, among other things, to break the “mega cloud plan” down to bitesize projects that can be proven effective along the way.

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For many healthcare orgs, the forecast calls for multiple clouds in the near future

BY Jeff Rowe | December 11, 2017

Public, private, hybrid, and now multi-: competing needs are making healthcare organizations consider managing several clouds simultaneously.