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Survey: CIOs expect big changes ahead

BY Jeff Rowe | October 10, 2017

In addition to identifying opportunities for improvement across the clinical, financial, and administrative spheres, organizations are actively seeking executive leaders who can combine infrastructure savvy with informatics skills and a grounding in data

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How to navigate risk in the healthcare hybrid cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | October 05, 2017

Among other goals, a hybrid cloud strategy must provide a healthcare organization with the right levels of data performance, cost, security, access, protection and governance.

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Study: cloud users still not planning for the future

BY Jeff Rowe | October 03, 2017

The wide range of technology needed for IoT necessitates a plan, the report found, and after deciding on a technical solution that matches an organizational need, IT needs to fully explain the infrastructure needed to support that solution.

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How automation systems help new healthcare cloud administrators

BY Jeff Rowe | September 26, 2017

Infrastructure automation tools can save systems administrators and IT managers time on rote tasks while minimizing errors during, among other things, IT configuration, patch management and performance tracking.

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What Infrastructure-as-a-Service could do for you

BY Jeff Rowe | September 13, 2017

Despite an array of risks and challenges that come with any cloud option, IaaS is clearly on the rise as a way for organizations to create more agile and cost-efficient IT environments.

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Is the hybrid the best next step on the way to the cloud?

BY Jeff Rowe | September 11, 2017

As digital transformation changes how organizations use and rely on technology, the hybrid cloud may be the next major leap in the evolution of enterprise IT.

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CIO: cloud critical to meet operational and caregiving challenges

BY Jeff Rowe | September 07, 2017

More enterprises are increasingly likely to move workloads away from traditional and virtualized environments toward the cloud, which experts say is critical for staying relevant in a fast-paced world.

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Proper planning key for real cloud savings

BY Jeff Rowe | September 04, 2017

When planned well beforehand and deployed in a smart fashion, says one expert, the cloud can make perfect economic sense with few unanticipated expenses.

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Stakeholders turning to multi-cloud computing as hybrid of public and private options

BY Jeff Rowe | August 29, 2017

Moving from cloud to cloud can be complicated, but as cloud service providers make toggling between clouds more efficient, the more multi-cloud computing could thrive.