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Cloud providers expand offerings as healthcare interest builds

BY Jeff Rowe | August 03, 2017

According to surveys, healthcare CIOs increasingly believe that the digital transformation of healthcare is necessary to advance efforts to better engage patients.

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In cloud transition, look before you leap

BY Jeff Rowe | August 01, 2017

Stakeholders eyeing the cloud need to do careful research on which storage and networks provide the best performance, while also defining norms and definitions for acceptable speed and availability.

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FDA executive describes progress in agency move to the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | July 24, 2017

In addition to the FDA’s efforts, the Federal Health Architecture initiative also focuses on bringing agencies within HHS together to solve common problems. 

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The cloud is only beginning to change healthcare

BY Jeff Rowe | July 20, 2017

In 10 years, says one stakeholder, expect a completely patient-centric experience, as well as the question, “How did we ever do without this?”.

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Cloud transition pushing organizations to upgrade middleware

BY Jeff Rowe | July 19, 2017

According to experts, the complexity of on-premises middleware environments, driven by the proliferation of business applications, is leading companies to look for new integration answers.

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Report: VA wasted millions on botched cloud transition project

BY Jeff Rowe | July 18, 2017

Any semblance of proper project management would have helped, the IG argued, a warning which healthcare organizations would do well to heed as they plan and implement their own transitions.

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Effective data migration critical to long-term success in the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | July 13, 2017

By planning thoroughly before migrating any data to the cloud, organizations can avoid potentially costly and long-lasting mistakes.

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Survey finds cloud users still not getting best bang for their buck

BY Jeff Rowe | July 03, 2017

Managing increasing cloud complexity and meeting business agility demands were among the top challenges for IT managers, the survey found.

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Survey: desire for scalability driving move to the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | June 27, 2017

According to the survey, over half of businesses hire an external consulting firm to help them implement their cloud strategy.