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Cloud transition pushing organizations to upgrade middleware

BY Jeff Rowe | July 19, 2017

According to experts, the complexity of on-premises middleware environments, driven by the proliferation of business applications, is leading companies to look for new integration answers.

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Report: VA wasted millions on botched cloud transition project

BY Jeff Rowe | July 18, 2017

Any semblance of proper project management would have helped, the IG argued, a warning which healthcare organizations would do well to heed as they plan and implement their own transitions.

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Effective data migration critical to long-term success in the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | July 13, 2017

By planning thoroughly before migrating any data to the cloud, organizations can avoid potentially costly and long-lasting mistakes.

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Survey finds cloud users still not getting best bang for their buck

BY Jeff Rowe | July 03, 2017

Managing increasing cloud complexity and meeting business agility demands were among the top challenges for IT managers, the survey found.

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Survey: desire for scalability driving move to the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | June 27, 2017

According to the survey, over half of businesses hire an external consulting firm to help them implement their cloud strategy.

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Expert: combination of new uses and shifted workloads will fuel cloud growth

BY Jeff Rowe | June 26, 2017

One trend to watch, says one cloud expert, is the growth of hybrid cloud strategies, with workloads increasingly spread across the public cloud and internal servers.

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How healthcare orgs weigh pros and cons of moving to the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | June 19, 2017

Among stakeholder concerns, cloud-hosted applications are dependent on network connectivity, and clinicians worry that may not be able to reach their apps if there is a network outage or dead zones within an organization.

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Will net neutrality slow healthcare’s move to the cloud?

BY Jeff Rowe | June 07, 2017

Along with broadband access for telemedicine, the healthcare industry needs high-speed Internet infrastructure to connect the personal medical devices and personal sensors for patient-led remote care.

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Along with your other IT systems, the cloud may also be calling your telephone

BY Jeff Rowe | May 31, 2017

Cloud telephony and unified communications strategies will improve over time and some stakeholders say the shift to using these services in the workplace is inevitable.