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Is the hybrid the best next step on the way to the cloud?

BY Jeff Rowe | September 11, 2017

As digital transformation changes how organizations use and rely on technology, the hybrid cloud may be the next major leap in the evolution of enterprise IT.

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CIO: cloud critical to meet operational and caregiving challenges

BY Jeff Rowe | September 07, 2017

More enterprises are increasingly likely to move workloads away from traditional and virtualized environments toward the cloud, which experts say is critical for staying relevant in a fast-paced world.

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Proper planning key for real cloud savings

BY Jeff Rowe | September 04, 2017

When planned well beforehand and deployed in a smart fashion, says one expert, the cloud can make perfect economic sense with few unanticipated expenses.

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Stakeholders turning to multi-cloud computing as hybrid of public and private options

BY Jeff Rowe | August 29, 2017

Moving from cloud to cloud can be complicated, but as cloud service providers make toggling between clouds more efficient, the more multi-cloud computing could thrive.

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New cloud-monitoring tool assists data migration

BY Jeff Rowe | August 23, 2017

Studies show the trend toward hybrid cloud arrangements is attracting data analytics vendors that specialize in parsing machine data to provide intelligence about IT operations.

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How to weigh the risks and benefits of cloud migration

BY Jeff Rowe | August 22, 2017

Cloud and on-premise monitoring can enable healthcare organizations to mitigate risk and create new levels of visibility into user, application and data interaction.

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New cloud compression solution targets data migration speeds

BY Jeff Rowe | August 10, 2017

The company aims to increase upload and download speeds, storage, and archiving to assist healthcare organizations in processing, storing and retrieving data for precision medicine.

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Private or public cloud not the only decision IT managers face

BY Jeff Rowe | August 08, 2017

Entities need to know what their resources are and what they are realistically capable of doing before deciding on which private cloud deployment will meet their needs. 

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Hybrid cloud option gains ground as obstacles fade

BY Jeff Rowe | August 08, 2017

Rapidly maturing cloud storage, networking and orchestration technologies are bringing hybrid cloud primary storage closer to reality, with new products enabling simple and streamlined data portability.