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New cloud-monitoring tool assists data migration

BY Jeff Rowe | August 23, 2017

Studies show the trend toward hybrid cloud arrangements is attracting data analytics vendors that specialize in parsing machine data to provide intelligence about IT operations.

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How to weigh the risks and benefits of cloud migration

BY Jeff Rowe | August 22, 2017

Cloud and on-premise monitoring can enable healthcare organizations to mitigate risk and create new levels of visibility into user, application and data interaction.

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New cloud compression solution targets data migration speeds

BY Jeff Rowe | August 10, 2017

The company aims to increase upload and download speeds, storage, and archiving to assist healthcare organizations in processing, storing and retrieving data for precision medicine.

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Private or public cloud not the only decision IT managers face

BY Jeff Rowe | August 08, 2017

Entities need to know what their resources are and what they are realistically capable of doing before deciding on which private cloud deployment will meet their needs. 

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Hybrid cloud option gains ground as obstacles fade

BY Jeff Rowe | August 08, 2017

Rapidly maturing cloud storage, networking and orchestration technologies are bringing hybrid cloud primary storage closer to reality, with new products enabling simple and streamlined data portability.

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Cloud providers expand offerings as healthcare interest builds

BY Jeff Rowe | August 03, 2017

According to surveys, healthcare CIOs increasingly believe that the digital transformation of healthcare is necessary to advance efforts to better engage patients.

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In cloud transition, look before you leap

BY Jeff Rowe | August 01, 2017

Stakeholders eyeing the cloud need to do careful research on which storage and networks provide the best performance, while also defining norms and definitions for acceptable speed and availability.

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FDA executive describes progress in agency move to the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | July 24, 2017

In addition to the FDA’s efforts, the Federal Health Architecture initiative also focuses on bringing agencies within HHS together to solve common problems. 

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The cloud is only beginning to change healthcare

BY Jeff Rowe | July 20, 2017

In 10 years, says one stakeholder, expect a completely patient-centric experience, as well as the question, “How did we ever do without this?”.