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Survey finds BYOD presents ongoing challenge to cloud security

BY Jeff Rowe | November 05, 2017

Among other things, respondents listed malware protection and unmanaged device access as top security concerns.

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As healthcare cloud spreads, who’s responsible for security?

BY Jeff Rowe | October 09, 2017

In the face of lingering confusion, cloud customers are beginning to take security matters into their own hands, with two-thirds of survey respondents saying they are adding security features when accessing public clouds.

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Survey cites 5 “deadly sins” leading to data breaches

BY Jeff Rowe | September 25, 2017

Enterprises are rushing to embrace cloud computing. Yet, more than a third report that they are not involved in protecting SaaS applications from privileged access abuse.

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Study: demand for security solutions to grow as cloud expands

BY Jeff Rowe | August 29, 2017

Among other things, researchers found that while advances in technology have helped government organizations expand communication networks, those advances have led to an increased risk of cyber attacks, thus leading to increased demand for cloud security

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Rise in cloud-based apps adds data security risks

BY Jeff Rowe | August 22, 2017

Among other things, says one legal expert, determining employee access requirements is critical when assessing and selecting a service provider.

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Survey finds growing comfort with cloud security measures

BY Jeff Rowe | August 21, 2017

Effective security from cloud vendors translates into constant maintenance of operating systems and applications, as well as regular security updates.

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Experts pitch cloud for cyber security

BY Jeff Rowe | August 09, 2017

Despite the well-known costs of cybercrime, surveys show most companies are still not up to speed on appropriate cyber security measures.

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Cloud security: whose job is it?

BY Jeff Rowe | July 19, 2017

As more hospitals turn to cloud services, it is becoming critical for IT and security teams to understand that responsibility for cybersecurity falls to cloud consumers and providers alike.

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Despite advances in protection, security threats are inevitable in health IT

BY Jeff Rowe | July 11, 2017

Only by approaching security issues head-on, says one expert, can organizations survive the constant security threats that come with new IT.