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Cloud security: whose job is it?

BY Jeff Rowe | July 19, 2017

As more hospitals turn to cloud services, it is becoming critical for IT and security teams to understand that responsibility for cybersecurity falls to cloud consumers and providers alike.

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Despite advances in protection, security threats are inevitable in health IT

BY Jeff Rowe | July 11, 2017

Only by approaching security issues head-on, says one expert, can organizations survive the constant security threats that come with new IT.

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OCR releases cloud security guidelines

BY Jeff Rowe | July 10, 2017

Security concerns are not unique to any particular file sharing or cloud computing technology, so when using these technologies, organizations must conduct an accurate and thorough risk analysis and respond appropriately.

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CIO: automation is the key to security in the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | July 05, 2017

With the cloud, organizations no longer need to house and maintain an array of depreciating hardware assets, but effective security is critical.

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Expert: Contrary to popular fears, data is actually safer in the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | July 03, 2017

In the face of continuous cyber attacks, says one security expert, enterprises should do a “look in the mirror” assessment around the state of their systems and security, and then seriously consider moving to the cloud.

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CIOs pushing the cloud as security concerns dwindle

BY Jeff Rowe | June 29, 2017

While many healthcare organizations host routine applications in the cloud, some CIOs are now moving critical apps, including their EHRs, to the cloud as well.

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IT managers increasingly satisfied with Infrastructure-as-a-Service

BY Jeff Rowe | June 29, 2017

Concerns around cost depend primarily on how long a business has been working with IaaS, with more experienced users less likely to see it as a challenge.

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Expert: to succeed, cloud security must match cloud elasticity

BY Jeff Rowe | June 19, 2017

When cybercriminals see new IP addresses and IP ranges, they start probing them to see how the infrastructure is organized so they can start planning a targeted attack.

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Security spending rising as organizations move to the cloud

Financial services represent the largest market for cloud services today, the report shows, but just a few years ago the idea of cloud-based financial services would have been considered ‘controversial’ or ‘radical’.