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Health IT managers struggle to balance cloud security with easy user access

BY Jeff Rowe | March 13, 2018

The increasing number of workspace environments is challenging organizations with security as IT managers work to introduce more effective authentication methods.

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Cloud security requires constant monitoring for new vulnerabilities

BY Jeff Rowe | March 09, 2018

The only realistic way to keep your organization secure in the cloud is to take a layered approach that safeguards you in case one or more high risk scenarios unfold.

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Security and cost control are keys to effective multi-cloud management

BY Jeff Rowe | March 02, 2018

While a multi-cloud management approach provides the necessary insight, automation and control to keep cloud sprawl in check, it remains an emerging market at an early stage of maturity.

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Despite moving to the cloud, health orgs need to keep tabs on data security

BY Jeff Rowe | February 26, 2018

Among other steps, automating threat detection and increasing network visibility and control will help organizations lower their vulnerability to attacks.

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In the cloud, teamwork is key to protecting against ransomware attacks

BY Jeff Rowe | February 20, 2018

Recent ransomware attacks are a reminder that healthcare organizations need to get the basics of ransomware defense right, including for systems that are increasingly cloud-based.

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To succeed in the cloud, healthcare orgs need the right security tools

BY Jeff Rowe | February 05, 2018

A recent report argued that as companies go further into their cloud ambitions their security becomes particularly problematic as their infrastructures become more complex.

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NHS: the public cloud is safe for health data

BY Jeff Rowe | January 26, 2018

The guidance says it will reduce costs, but data protection concerns linger

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Consistent monitoring key to troubleshooting in the healthcare cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | January 23, 2018

“Out of sight, out of mind” is not a viable approach to cloud management, says one expert, so IT shops need to retain critical systems control in order to ensure seamless performance.

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Industry council releases cloud security guidelines

BY Jeff Rowe | January 19, 2018

The guide is designed to help organizations understand the top concerns they should be cognizant of when evaluating cloud providers.