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Wanted and needed: IT professionals with new skill sets

BY Jeff Rowe | July 24, 2017

Managing cloud environments, says on CIO, requires thinking about an organization’s IT process entirely differently and at an entirely different scale.

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New big data tools driving pharma innovations

BY Jeff Rowe | July 17, 2017

As precision therapies for patients with difficult diseases advance, the healthcare industry will need to bolster its informatics and analytics skillsets to meet new demand.

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Growing use of connected devices increasing pressure on IT networks

BY Jeff Rowe | July 13, 2017

Understanding how connected medical devices are being used and how they connect to their network can help organizations determine how how those networks need to evolve. 

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As the cloud spreads, stakeholders see growing opportunities to improve services

BY Jeff Rowe | July 06, 2017

With cloud expansion continuing to pick up the pace, the challenge for users of all types is to rethink business models and innovate through the development of new services.

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Blockchain will soon add to health IT platform options

BY Jeff Rowe | July 03, 2017

Within the next five to ten years, says a new report, blockchain will join AI and the IoT in shaping ever more integrated health IT systems.

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Is your data agile enough?

BY Jeff Rowe | June 29, 2017

With rapidly advancing platforms and technology, CIOs need to confront new and ever-evolving data demands with data infrastructure that is agile enough to keep pace with both the market and the needs of the organization.

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CDC turns to cloud to collect and analyze digitized public health data

BY Jeff Rowe | June 22, 2017

Better integration of IT systems can reduce the burden on CDC’s data partners, while improving both the quality and timeliness of data collection, analyses and dissemination.

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Cloud services key to integrating information across patient care networks

BY Jeff Rowe | June 20, 2017

Designing digital technology to maximize engagement is central to minimizing the “digital divide” and may help improve patient outcomes.

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Survey: most executives believe predictive analytics is key to meeting healthcare challenges

BY Jeff Rowe | June 13, 2017

The survey shows that healthcare stakeholders have largely accepted the role that data can play in their clinical and financial success.