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Informatics experts: cloud could boost quest for universal patient ID

BY Jeff Rowe | August 30, 2017

As the healthcare sector becomes more digitized, the authors say, innovations accompanying the spread of the cloud could help providers meet the challenge of achieving accurate patient identification.

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Box adds AI computer-vision technology to platform

BY Jeff Rowe | August 21, 2017

Researchers say the announcement shows how broadly available AI technology is becoming, and that, ultimately, it will democratize AI for more people and businesses.

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Insurance giant taps big data analytics for patient engagement insights

BY Jeff Rowe | August 07, 2017

As payers wade ever deeper into the consumer-oriented world of value-based reimbursement, big data analytics and behavioral profiling are likely to continue to bring cost savings and greater efficiencies. 

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Stanford: big data holds key to revolutionizing healthcare

BY Jeff Rowe | August 03, 2017

Among other things, the report says, the power of data is enabling a shift toward preventive care through an increased focus on nutrition, exercise and wellness, and a pivot toward value-based payment models.

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Cloud partnership yields savings in disease research project

BY Jeff Rowe | August 02, 2017

Among other advantages, payers can tap into deep analytics and apply rules that support cost savings via large purchases of particular specialty drugs.

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Researchers: artificial intelligence increasingly making good on expectations

BY Jeff Rowe | August 01, 2017

Despite the promise of AI, adoption remains very low overall, with just 20 percent of global companies saying they have already deployed an AI tool.

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Welcome to the age of AI

BY Jeff Rowe | July 27, 2017

AI capabilities applied in the health sector, says the developer of Siri, will enable us to keep millions of citizens healthier and save trillions of dollars in healthcare costs.

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As the cloud expands, so will the array of ‘as-a-Service’ models for healthcare

BY Jeff Rowe | July 26, 2017

IaaS providers, in turn, will be able to further leverage economies of scale to deliver stable, scalable, robust platforms at economical pricing models.

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How the cloud enables innovations like the Internet of Things

BY Jeff Rowe | July 25, 2017

With more devices in healthcare being connected via the IoT, writes a stakeholder in India, monitoring and surveillance would result in more thorough data collection, and more importantly, in better patient care.