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Wanted: effective management tool for multiple clouds

BY Jeff Rowe | January 03, 2018

Software for managing computing environments can help companies tame the tumult that can come with juggling multi-cloud scenarios.

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IoT and big data heading for a convergence in the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | December 26, 2017

While they have long been considered separate developments, the increasing convergence of IoT, big data and the cloud is providing new opportunities and applications across healthcare and other sectors.

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The top ten things IT managers wanted to know in the year gone by

BY Jeff Rowe | December 26, 2017

From untangling the “mess” of cloud services available to learning how to pitch the cloud to the C-suite, the most read articles of the year can tell a lot about what IT managers are focusing on.

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In the cloud, hospitals are getting “smarter” all the time

BY Jeff Rowe | December 20, 2017

Developing a strategy to build cloud-based apps for different kinds of devices is critical for ensuring devices are supported and can communicate effectively.

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How the cloud is helping make genomic medicine a reality

BY Jeff Rowe | December 18, 2017

Thanks to advances in healthcare technology, including the rapidly spreading cloud, the costs of genomic medicine and DNA sequencing have fallen dramatically in less than two decades.

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Cloud investments loom large for 2018

BY Jeff Rowe | December 15, 2017

Health IT business pros will invest in AI technologies, business processes and the Internet of Things to help close skills and labor gaps, and much of that investment will end up in the cloud.

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What healthcare orgs should consider when considering IaaS

BY Jeff Rowe | December 11, 2017

When vetting prospective IaaS providers, healthcare organizations need to assess, among other things, their range of instance types, database options and their support for emerging technologies.

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How the cloud could help healthcare “decentralize”

BY Jeff Rowe | December 08, 2017

As in other sectors of the economy, where new organizations are inventing services and placing them in closer proximity to customers, decentralization could mean healthcare providers will more readily use the cloud to bring care closer to their patients.

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Where will the cloud take medical research next?

BY Jeff Rowe | December 05, 2017

The research laboratory is being transformed in no small part because cloud computing, AI and machine learning have now made it far easier to access, share and analyze data.