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How to plan smart for multi-cloud deployments

BY Jeff Rowe | April 16, 2018

Once healthcare orgs have made their multi-cloud choices, they need to create policies that ensure users access the right cloud service for the right purpose.

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In the cloud, cost control means teaming up with vendors

BY Jeff Rowe | April 13, 2018

To enable better use of new technologies, providers in both the public and private sector need to work with vendors to ensure the maximum bang for their newly spent IT buck.

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Healthcare specialties find efficiencies and more in the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | April 10, 2018

Among other benefits, cloud services eliminate the downtime that might be caused by on-premise server failure, and the resulting tech support costs and potential patient dissatisfaction due to delayed or rescheduled appointments.

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Healthcare orgs tap cloud to help manage increasingly large data sets

BY Jeff Rowe | April 09, 2018

Producing metrics that support value-based payment programs and evidence-based medicine depends on identifying accurate, actionable information that will improve treatments and patient outcomes while driving costs down.

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CIOs tell how the cloud is changing their jobs

BY Jeff Rowe | April 06, 2018

As the cloud, among other IT developments, dramatically changes the face of healthcare, the acronym for chief information officer is perhaps the last remaining link to the role CIOs have historically played.

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Does your IT team have the skills needed to make effective use of the cloud?

BY Jeff Rowe | April 03, 2018

As cloud offerings evolve and enterprise organizations look to do more in the cloud, IT professionals need to add new cloud-related skills.

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How to get the most out of your cloud with managed service providers

BY Jeff Rowe | March 30, 2018

The real opportunity with the cloud lies in the aggregation and analysis of all the information being processed through it, but many organizations are unclear how to begin.

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Is the cloud the interoperability solution healthcare has been looking for?

BY Jeff Rowe | March 27, 2018

Moving forward, the biggest driver of cloud adoption may be the inability of legacy patient data systems to keep up with systems that better support and promote interoperability.

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Study cites cloud potential as healthcare planning tool

BY Jeff Rowe | March 26, 2018

Organizations need to consider how ERP fits into their health IT infrastructure and the best way to deploy it to ensure success.